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FJM44 dealer problems

Article about: To share experiencw, this post is posted. Ordered an item worth 600 euros 10th of april from FJM44,three weeks ago. No shipping information received. The dealer does not reply to any inquiri

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    Default FJM44 dealer problems

    To share experiencw, this post is posted.
    Ordered an item worth 600 euros 10th of april from FJM44,three weeks ago. No shipping information received. The dealer does not reply to any inquiries regarding the shipment of the item.

    Will update this thread during the process before a conclusion is made.

    10.04 Order placed
    11.04 Payment by banktransfer (confirmed by bank)
    23.04 Inquiry by mail regarding status of order, no reply
    28.04 Try to contact Frederic trough his web page message, no reply
    30.04 Another mail sent regarding status of order, also sent PM trough this forum

    I have been collecting for 30 years. Experience says you will be scammed, if your new to the hobby you will soon be scammed.The first telltale of a scam is that the seller goes completely silent. Thats why collectors react to "no replys" with high sceptisism.
    I have placed and received two orders from other dutch dealers after this order, so its no blame to postnl.
    I have been in contact with other collectors recently reporting the same issue so its not a single incident.

    To make a balance to this post. Earlier orders has been quick an reliable, items received 100% and his military reference has been very helpful.

    Update will follow. This is posted to inform other collectors what to expect when ordering from Fjm44.
    If he is busy as hell, make it visible on the webpage that orders take up to (and who knows, more) than 4 weeks to ship.

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    Relieving to hear I'm not alone as I'm having trouble communicating with him as well. During the past two weeks I have contacted him once by a message attached to my order and twice by direct email without any success. However, my order was indeed shipped and tracking details provided as soon as I paid by bank transfer about a week ago.

    Hopefully it's just a temporary problem as I too have been a happy customer for a long time.

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    You aren't alone. I ordered and paid for an item on 5th April. I'm still waiting.
    It was showing as 'being processed' for ten days so I sent a polite message to enquire about the status.
    Two days later I get an email with a tracking number.
    The tracking number for PostNL was showing they had not received the package for another ten days so I again send a message. No reply but suddenly PostNL have now got my item.
    It's supposedly in transit but it's been nearly a month.
    No apology or 'busy at the moment, I'll send your item as soon as I can'.
    I get folk have lives but it's coming up for a month since I paid my money and still have no badge.


    As an update, my badge arrived this morning somewhat unexpectedly as the tracking that I checked earlier says the delivery date is still being calculated.

    So, I have what I ordered on April 5th on May 1st.

    I will think twice about ordering from this dealer in future.
    Last edited by Adrian; 05-01-2024 at 01:33 PM.

    Looking for LDO marked EK2s and items relating to U-406.....

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    A quick update as my package also just arrived without issues, the signature waffles were included as well. Still haven't received any reply to my emails though.

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