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Generation War, a TV series

Article about: I run the audio through a Bose sound bar and with the subwoofer pumping, the battle scenes really jump out at you, the artillery is almost frightening!

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    Default Generation War, a TV series

    Hello guys, i dont know if anyone has seen this series, its in German with English sub titles, and is being shown here in England on BBC2, its a bit like Band of Brothers only from the German point of view, the war scenes are very realistic and take place mainly on the Russian front, the latest was Kursk, theres so many weapons , uniforms ,vehicles, its a smorgesbord of militaria, theres even Tiger Tanks racing across the lowlands at Kursk, theres even a good story undertone, im wondering if the Tiger Tanks used was the one built a short while ago and then duplicated on screen, if you hav,nt seen this series, for those in this country,try and get it on catch up or U tube, its the last one next week, there are no holds barred in this programme and also deals with the treatment of jews, german and non german. I would thoroughly recommend this programme

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    Unsere mütter, unsere väter has been previously discussed on this forum. They should have kept the original title, since the completely different English one creates a lot of confusion and misunderstandings.

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    never saw the first thread, oh well its still good

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    It's not a problem.

    I like the show a lot, especially since it's something new for change and not just American perspective from the war.

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    I have seen the series. I thoroughly enjoyed their use of vehicles and uniforms, but I felt the storyline was a little shallow and lacking. Not a bad program, but not the best.

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    Quote by Panzersaurus View Post
    I have seen the series. I thoroughly enjoyed their use of vehicles and uniforms, but I felt the storyline was a little shallow and lacking. Not a bad program, but not the best.
    You're right about the story line. It was pretty casual and shallow for me, but the war scenes, uniforms and it overall being from the German perspective made me forgive that.

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    I have just watched the second part and I feel that it is right up there with Band of Brothers and Saving Private Ryan. I don't feel the story line is week but maybe it runs too fast. I think the combat scenes and the brutal killing of civillians and prisoners of war really strikes home. I think it was brave of the director, producer cast etc to portray this and not over look it. it is also constant throughout the programme and so it does not feel as though "that bit has been covered, lets move on". Friedhelm is portrayed so well showing what the ordinary soldier will do to survive.

    It does make a change from seeing it from the American perspective all the time. I am not having a go by the way. I really wish someone would do a mini series from Britains perspective. I think enough was acomplished during the war to look at.

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    I reckon it was a great mini series, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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    I downloaded and watched the 1st and 2nd episode projected onto the living room wall last night in 6x8 foot spendor, even the wife came in and watched the 2nd episode and to my surprise enjoyed it!

    Tonight we are watching episode 3 together.

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    i liked Unsere mütter, unsere väter very much one of the best tv series after Band of Brothers

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