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Gun show

Article about: today , i go to the local gun show , some interesting items , but the prices is too high for me , i take some pics for you

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    Default Gun show

    today , i go to the local gun show , some interesting items , but the prices is too high for me , i take some pics for you
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    Default Re: Gun show

    Thanks for the pics. Always nice to see shows overseas.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Gun show

    I wish my gunshows were that nice. Mine has a bunch of rednecks in it.

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    Default Re: Gun show

    is not really big , Around 80% , weapon sellers ( militariy and civil ) and 20% of seller of militaria included the seller of fake.

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    It looks like a fantastic show, those guys have amazing items for sale, i wish i was there.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    Wow! They let you bring in a camera? My wife even had to open her purse at show to prove there was no camera inside. Great photo's though. Was it a 'Military' show exclusively or were there modern firearms for sale also? Ron

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    yes , no problem with camera . 80% seller of firearms ( modern - military - antique ) 20% seller of militaria ( Germany - UK- Canada- Italian-Japan-France-) ww1 ww2 and modern

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    this on is in brossard

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    Longueuil place Desaulniers near Brossard

    ca fait parti de Longueuil

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    Default Re: Gun show

    next arms fairs

    november 13th 2010
    january 15th 2011
    march 5th 2011
    may7th 2011
    september 10th2011
    november 12th 2011

    Place Desaulniers
    1023 Taschereau Blvd.
    Longueuil (qc)
    near Longueuil Metro Station

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