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Article about: I’m struggling to understand why members post items they’ve bought but haven’t got in hand yet. Clearly they’ve decided that the pieces are “right”...AND they’ve committed fina

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    Default I-haven’t-got-this-yet Posts

    I’m struggling to understand why members post items they’ve bought but haven’t got in hand yet.

    Clearly they’ve decided that the pieces are “right”...AND they’ve committed financially......yet they post the sellers (often poor) pictures and ask for members feedback. The feedback is almost always “better pics required”, “can you give us something to judge scale” etc etc....which, in itself might provide a guide to the poster/buyer.

    You’ve already bought the thing......why not wait those few extra days for delivery, look at it, photograph it (better) and post it for us all to enjoy as an education rather than a have-I-made-a-good-decision question. You’ve bought...no-one else can......it’s yours, it’s safe......if you had doubts, post it BEFORE you buy it (but expect the same questions) perhaps.....

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    I've done it before.
    Ever consider that they are just anxious to share with the rest of the group, and can't wait to receive it?
    I have been waiting for about a month now for a few special items to show up, I would like to post them, but I will wait.

    Now, that being said, don't start a thread and complain that the forum is inactive, because members are waiting for their items to show up before they post them.
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    ...OK...but I might start one about things that haven't even been thought of yet, let alone bought....how would that be? :-)

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    I can understand both sides of this thread Composite. I think that knee-jerkingly buying an item and then asking/ checking if it's authentic is a daft move (I have probably done this a few times admittedly, but I am daft) when one could have instead had it put on hold while they got opinions etc. However, if someone is confident it's authentic and they've bought it and just want to share it before it arrives because they're excited, I see no problem. The only downside would be if it was lost in the post and it never arrived


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    I guess it is a way of achieving that “double bubble”....big-it-up twice...that’s good if you’re after Post counts.

    I’m not overly convinced about grown men and women being so excited about something that they can’t wait for it to be in hand.......I expect the next thing will be “only 6 sleeps until”...”only 5 sleeps until” etc etc

    ...but it’s starting to look like it IS an excitement thing........although I kinda get excited about other things rather than the Postman nowadays....after all, everyday he delivers, he may be delivering a splash of that new cologne “No 19” !

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    All i can add is if you aint sure don't buy!

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    Perhaps it is the desire not to lose out on an opportunity. It is fair to assume militaria is always being picked over and considered. In many ways it's the thought of knowing there's someone else looking to buy in that moment who wants it as bad as you do, but why give them that chance? Some surrender good judgment and reason simply to get what they see and want regardless of verifying it.

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