Hello there,

I noticed a little chatter on this forum regarding the TV series Tank Overhaul so I am assuming there are some fans here.

I work for one of the companies that produced the show (block-4.com) and I am now appealing for fans to help us in our endeavor to produce a series similar to Tank Overhaul which uses some of the people we met in that series.

The show we want to make is called War Metal, unfortunately the television business seems to be more interested in tarts from New Jersey, wedding cakes, and people eating stick insects so we are trying something different in order to make this show happen.

Check out this site here: War Metal -- IndieGoGo

A donation of just $10 can help us make a TV show you guys would like to see, and it will get your name in the credits. Please check out on the site posted above the opportunities for larger donations and the pretty awesome perks they bring.

I really hope I have not violated your forum rules by posting this, I think you will agree that my intentions are pure. At the end of the day I am just doing my job and my job for this week was "find tank fans who would want to see this show made".

I am reaching out to the community and starting right here, if you could get the word out about this I would really appreciate it and I PROMISE that our show will be made with guys like you in mind.

Thanks for reading,

Research & Development