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Paranormal Militaria?

Article about: I hope by the time I'm done writing this, y'all don't think I'm crazy. Lately I've been adding a lot to my WWII collection, mostly uniforms, but battlefield relics as well. I have everything

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    Default Paranormal Militaria?

    I hope by the time I'm done writing this, y'all don't think I'm crazy.

    Lately I've been adding a lot to my WWII collection, mostly uniforms, but battlefield relics as well. I have everything in my bedroom, because for as long as I remain single, it will be my war room, and I will be surrounded by things I love.

    Anyways, over the past couple of weeks, I now no longer get the feeling that I am alone. Quite the opposite. I now feel as if every time I go in that room, someone else is there, watching me. It creeped me out at first, but now I've gotten used to it for the most part. But is a strong feeling that I only get in that room.

    Paranormal researchers on the TV (yeah I know, what a source) say that "spirits" can attach themselves to objects. I don't know if I even believe in ghosts or not, but I got to thinking, maybe that's what happened?

    I was wondering if anyone else had something like this happen to them. I hope I don't sound crazy or paranoid. Now I'm just curious.

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    Depending upon the circumstances of the owners death with these items....I feel also they can attach themselves to these items was with one of my many daggers I purchased in 1997 .... I sensed some negativity coming off of it.
    Since that time ..that negativity went away over time

    Your not crazy.

    Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

    “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” - Winston Churchill

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    I agree with Larry

    It's not uncommon to hear of artifacts having "spirits" or some power attached to them that brings some uneasiness to a home, person, animal, etc..

    The subconscious mind also has a way of psyching a person out and making it believe what the mind wants it to believe..


    I worked at a "haunted" fire station when I was a firefighter... Station 9.. I believe what I saw and what I heard was the ghost of the station Captain watching out for us...

    Here is one story about Station 9,, This is an old News Article that featured the station....

    EL PASO, Texas-- It's the time of year for ghost stories, but all year long there are spooky happenings at El Paso fire stations that are said to be haunted.

    Crews shared their creepy encounters with KFOX14.

    El Paso Fire Station No. 9 sits in the heart of the city's warehouse district. It's also said to be the grave of one of EPFD's bravest, who died in the line of duty in the 1930s.

    "We think of Captain Bloxom as being a friend to firefighters and looking out for us," said Capt. Christopher Hoggard.
    Hoggard said it is the oldest ghost story in the fire department.
    As the legend goes, Capt. Woodard Bloxom awoke to a fire across the street and ran toward it.
    "It was a warehouse fire, it was a very big fire; the roof collapsed while he was inside. They managed to pull the captain out," said Hoggard. "They brought him back to the station where it is said he died, at the station."
    Hoggard took a photo of the station one day. After getting it developed, he discovered he captured a haunting image, which looks like a human face. He said he still has the negatives to prove the photo hasn't been doctored. Despite the photo, the captain said he doesn't believe the ghost stories.
    But it's hard to argue, the strange things that happen at Station 9.
    Like toilets flushing when no one is in the bathroom, TVs mysteriously turning on while everyone is at the table eating or beds shaking in the middle of the night. And some firefighters say they've seen mysterious shadows when no one is around.
    "It went by real fast," said Cid Salcido. He said he was alone upstairs when he saw the shadow go by but there weren't any footsteps.
    Perhaps one of the creepiest spots is down the stairs in the station basement.
    "It's the spookiest part of the station. There's actually some guys who know there's something down here," said Salcido.
    While most ghost stories revolve around creepy or scary ghosts, Captain Bloxom is said to be a friendly ghost.
    Firefighters said the captain alerts them before they get a call for a big fire.
    "It's always on the larger fires that that is the case, he never does anything for medical calls. It's just for the big fires," said Hoggard.
    Firefighters said the bay doors will open on their own and the lights will turn on minutes before the alarm sounds. Many of the guys believe he's watching out for them.
    "He just takes care of the guys. This was his home and he died across the street and so he stayed here ever since," said FST. Christopher Carson.
    Decades after Bloxom's death, Hoggard holds the same position as captain of the house and he takes the "ghost's" warnings in stride.
    "It kind of makes you think about becoming the next ghost," said Hoggard.
    The supernatural occurrences are just too spooky for some of the first responders.
    Last Halloween, the house felt especially haunted.
    "The doors were slamming like crazy," said Salcido.
    The crews working on All Hallows Eve said they don't know if they'll be in for a treat.
    "I hope so. I would like to get a good solid story where I come into the kitchen and he's drinking coffee and we are talking together," said Carson.
    But they seem certain Captain Bloxom will be there, keeping watch over his house.
    Firefighters said two other stations hold their own ghost stories. Station 3 and Station 10 are also in central El Paso and are said to be haunted as well.

    So, be it military items that have a "spirit" or a particular job,, I will quote John Lennon... "Nobody told me there'd be days like these",,, Strange Days Indeed"


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    My parents have some Ghost stories related to the Civil War. Like I said, I don't know if I believe such things, but the they stick by their stories.

    We have a family friend living in Virginia He lives on the Wilderness battlefield edge, and every night, especially early summer nights, he will smell tobacco, coffee and campfire smoke. In the daytime, he will smell gunpowder, especially during the battles anniversary. My dad had permission to metal detect his yard, but because of his work shift, he wasn't able to in the daytime. So one night, my dad is in his front yard swinging his detector, while his friend was on the porch watching. My dad dug up a fired bullet, and as he did, he got cold chills, and felt like he was being watched, opposite the front porch area. He never went back at night again.

    When my mom and dad got married, they visited Gettysburg a lot. They loved walking the battlefield early in the morning. Once, they arrived at the crack of dawn. It was a crystal clear, quiet summer morning. They were walking beside Devils Den. Then all of a sudden, a thick mist rolled in, and they heard very clearly, reveille being played on the drums, and a soft bugle call in the distance. They walked towards the sound, as it kept playing, and the sound never got louder, or quieter. They followed the sounds of the drums for about five minutes, before they stopped, faded away, and the mists rolled back. They searched that area for hours, looking for a prankster drum player, and even went to the visitors office to ask questions, finding nothing.

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    Here is a nice read....... (your not the first to ask)

    How to get rid of Ghosts?
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

    My greatest fear is that one day I will die and my wife will sell my guns for what I told her I paid for them

    "Don't tell me these are investments if you never intend to sell anything" (Quote: Wife)

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    I've always felt that there's a strong metaphysical aspect to Militaria Collecting and I truly believe that there's more to this "Endeavor" beyond the objects themselves...I believe that these men don't want to be forgotten and appreciate the care we give to their memory...I have had some amazing artifacts find their way to me through the oddest circumstances, practically falling into my lap as if I'm being "helped" along...and after 45 years of varied involvement, I know what's "normal" in this hobby and what's not...If I don't have a logical explanation, I must look beyond the realm of logic...While some collectors are able to relate to this, others are not - and that's okay too...
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    You're not crazy. I never buy anything KIA, Bullet holes, blood stains or gory stuff to avoid any possibility of paranormal activity. I try to buy lightly used or unissued items when I can
    Regards, Al

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    Quote by Aldo View Post
    You're not crazy. I never buy anything KIA, Bullet holes, blood stains or gory stuff to avoid any possibility of paranormal activity. I try to buy lightly used or unissued items when I can

    You reminded me of a relic that I'll have to post here. It is a GI webb belt that was picked up in Belgium in a battle of the Bulge field hospital area. It has what appears to be bloodstains on it.

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    I got these pieces of web belt from a guy who grew up in Belgium, and would go out in the forests as a kid and find old relics laying on top of the ground. This was found in what he said was likely a field hospital, because there were tons of foil from bandage packaging, and old needles. The stains on this belt might be blood, but it also could be a coincidental staining from being on the ground for many years.

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    I have a couple of items that make me feel a little uneasy when handling them. Last week I took these items out again for display in the collection. I'm still debating if I even should be displaying them, but I think the showcase respectful place rather than a box in my closet. At least yet there haven't been any flying items, but ill let you know if anything changes .

    I think the picture of the dead soldiers was taken by my grandmother's father who served in the Winter War, at least I got the picture passed down from him. I can't read the cursive part but it's marked 28.2.40, just before the war ended on March 13th.



    This token is supposedly a concentration camp token used by the guards. Someone has donated a similar one to the Dallas Holocaust Museum. I did some research and messaged some people, but I still don't know if coins like these even existed. Even though there's a possibility it's not real, I don't like touching it. Even though it's just a token and not like a Zyklon B canister, I get the same feeling when I was visiting auswitch and looking at the pile of shoes or hair. Currently, I'm thinking of giving it to some museum or something like that, but since there's no real (at least to my knowledge) I doubt anyone would take it and display it in an appropriate museum.




    PFG. 20 EINSATZ (TC-484918)

    "20 PFG (pfennig) Einsatz also known as Einsatzgruppen : They were the Mobile Killing units made up of the SS and police personnel. SS-T.V. : SS-Totenkopverbande (Deaths Head Unit) K.L. : "Konzentrazionslager" (Concentration Camp); The piece was acquired at Dallas Rare Coins in Dallas, TX. The Coin/Token is being Donated to the Dallas Holocaust Museum. WWII German Concentration Camp Coin/Token - unable to attribute to actual location."

    I don't think the Einsatz means Einsatzgruppen, but a stake or placement. Maybe like poker bet or canteen bottle security deposit that you return the bottle. I don't know, but why would a mobile squad have a specific coin?

    ss coin 2.jpg


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