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Position of Awards on german Luftwaffe Tunic

Article about: Hellowto all i have a rather trivial question, but even thou i looked hard, i could not find a helpful thread for it. In what order / sequence / position - and where - are the awards to be p

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    Default Position of Awards on german Luftwaffe Tunic

    Hellowto all

    i have a rather trivial question, but even thou i looked hard, i could not find a helpful thread for it.

    In what order / sequence / position - and where - are the awards to be placed on the tunic?

    I studied many pics and have a general idea about some of them, but it´s still a rather confusing matter for me.
    Even the so common Verwundetenabzeichen, sometimes its on the lower corner of the pocket, sometimes in the lower center, sometimes even under the pocket.

    I came to this question when i decided to "upgrade a "new" old Luftwaffe Gefreiter Uniform i got recently. I sewed very carefully some tiny "Award Loops" to it, but then the question arose, about where /or how what award to use and where exactly it goes.

    I have SA Sportsbadge, Wounded badge, KVK Class I, HJ pin, Sportabzeichen, Sturmabzeichen and so on, you know the game.

    So.. which one goes were, or in case that two or three would go on the same place, which one takes precedence?
    I will try to upload some pics about how i have it now, as i don want to overload it..

    Annexed are some pics of the Tunic on which i wanna place the awards.

    Suggestions & comments are very welcome

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    Officially, pinback decorations were to be worn on the left breast pocket or, if their number necessitated it, below it (or in a corresponding position on the Fliegerbluse). (Except, of course, those decorations for which wear in another position was expressely ordered, such as the Deutsches Kreuz or the Spanienkreuz, which were worn on the right breast, or the flight claps, which were worn above the ribbon bar.)

    War decorations were to be worn above peacetime awards, with the EKI or KVKI to be centered on the pocket.

    The Fallschirmschützenabzeichen was to be worn to the right (as seen by the wearer) of Luftwaffe flight badges, but to the left of any WWI flight badges.

    No more than a total of six pinback decorations and out of these no more than two sports achievement badges* were supposed to be worn simultaneously.

    However, wartime photographs show that these regulations were often ignored, with pinback awards worn whichever way the wearer thought looked best...

    *) i.e. the Reichssportabzeichen, SA-Wehrabzeichen, HJ-Führersportabezeichen, Reiterabzeichen, Fahrerabzeichen etc.

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    Anybody got good Period pics of Luftwaffe Tunics with awards, or general rules about how insignia had to be worn?

    As to my knowledge, the Eisernes Kreuz was the highest award and had to be placed above all the others..

    Also, i always see the Verwundetenabzeichen on a quite low position, even thou it was a "Blutorden", earned in combat with blood..
    And then there are all the others too..

    Anybody has mor info on that kind of matter?

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    Guten Morgen to all..

    I did not get much response here, with exception of HPL2008 who kindly commented on the matter in question..
    So i shall try one more time.. maybe i get luckier this time, cool, and if not, well, nevermind...

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    I think you received a very satisfactory answer. If you wish to view photos of Luftwaffe awards on uniforms, a general image search on google should yield many. Here are two samples that took me 3 seconds to locate. The studio portrait looks pretty standard and the other one with the subject holding the Ehrenpokal (honor goblet) reflects the wearer's preference. NHcondor_em_photo2.JPG680a80406da72f067796d6a3b0cfe8dd--military-awards-luftwaffe.jpg

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    Yes, HPL2008´s answer was helpful, but i was looking for a lil´more info about some specific award position. If you look closely, the Verwundetenabzeichen is on both pics on a diferent position. I was just asking about some more specific info, as i made a good search and saw the many pics. i even made an "award position map", but it just confused me, as you can see on the two pics.

    On one the Award with the Eagle is on the same hight as the Verwundetenabzeichen.
    On the other one the Eagle Award is over the Verwundetenabzeichen.. Just trying to understand, as knowing german discipline i believe that there must be a rule..

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    As stated earlier, there are general rules for placement but these were not strictly adhered to by the recipients. You will find some variation in placement. I would suggest modeling your placement after a period example that suits you. This would mirror the choice made by an individual at the time. NH

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