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Should I chop my toes off?????

Article about: Bettcha that title got your attention LOL!!! Ok I got a mannequin and its %'7" and it has 10 inch FEET. I got 4 sets of shoes for USAAF and NONE fit they are to small to fit those Jethr

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    Default Should I chop my toes off?????

    Bettcha that title got your attention LOL!!!
    Ok I got a small manneq okuin and its 5'7" BUT it has 10 inch FEET. I got 4 sets of shoes for USAAF and NONE fit they are to small to fit those Jethro feet that don't move to be able to get them on.
    So to my question.


    It would be all set if I was going with the barefoot Hillbilly Bomber Boy or if I needed to wear flip flop's!!!

    So any thought from those that have dealt with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

    Semper Fi
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    That would be the best thing to do Phil..

    We do that quite often in the museum field in order to properly fit shoes and other footwear onto mannequins without overstretching the leather..

    I would cut them just behind where the toes join the foot.. You can always pad the toe of the boot with muslin cloth or tissue paper to fill the barrier after the toes are removed..


    I took the liberty of showing you the best place on the foot to cut... If you think it is too far back you can go forward a little..
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Do it Phil
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    Thanks Leigh.
    Hearing it from someone who deals with this,
    Gives me the confidence to cut them Toes Off with no regrets!!!

    That spot you drew was where I was thinking of chopping also. I figure I'll give it flintstone toes!!

    I should have tried the shoes first!!!
    I got the whole thing all dressed up for it's Uncle Joe preview!!!

    I guess these are fiberglass and it shouldn't be hard to saw off. Maybe break out the flex tool and put a saw blade on that and go to town...

    Well I'll let this sit like this for a bit then I'll take the leg section off and hack them off.

    I'll see about what to close it off with. Maybe just a sock should work.
    Thanks again for the help!!!

    Semper Fi

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    MAP is offline


    The issue is that OUR feet are flexible and can bend to slide into a shoe. Not so with a mannequin. Mine has been shoeless for 5 years now! Never thought of cutting off the toes. LoL
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    "Jethro feet" I love it Phil!

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    I did it on one of mine!

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    I may be wrong but I believe its against the Geneva convention to cut the toes off . You might be charged with war crimes

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    Yeah! Do it!!!! And film it and put it on’re bound to get banned by some Woke somewhere!!

    ...and then burn the toes??

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    Do the pants fit?

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