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Stolen collection

Article about: On the night of 21 July 2008 , criminals broke in at my home and workshop , and almost my complete collection has been STOLEN, weapons, ammo , helmets , bayonets , headgear , etc , the (almo

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    Default Re: Stolen collection

    you spend all your time and money collecting this stuff and someone just takes it wrong totally wrong should all be found and hurt badly was any of your weapons active thats all you need is for these pigs to hurt someone with one of your weapons

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    Default Re: Stolen collection

    began to look at e-bay, some items might appears there,

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    Default Re: Stolen collection

    sounds like an next-door neighbor job, or maybe a general contractor that you had doing some home repairs. It had to be someone who either knew you had this merchandise, or who saw it sitting out when they were in your home, if they were visiting or doing repairs, etc. I would start with questioning everyone who has been in your home, request a formal police investigation. Let your "close friends" know what you're doing and they might just confess if they think it will get traced to them. Do not let go of this. Post in all the other militaria forums, too. Let people know.

    Did your item list include specific manufacturing/factory markings, numbers, etc? Hopefully you've been inventorying this as you had amassed quite a bit. If not, it's going to be hard to retrieve an M-40 blue single decal LW helmet with no other identifying information.
    Best of luck and God bless, I'll yell if I see suspicious stuff turning up, but it will be almost impossible without specific indentifying information.
    I look at optics myself, mostly, for example - what "Telescope" did you have with sliding parts? I myself can't ID something with only that information.

    good luck and we'll help as best we can.

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    Rich Moran

    Default Re: Stolen collection

    Not only is it someone you know, but someone who really knows militaria. I would be on them like flies on sh*t because whoever has your collection has a way to get rid of it quickly too.

    Its time to list all of them for the LEOs in youyr neck of the world.

    if you add up the value of what was in your collection it is the same as what perhaps would be in a few bank tellers drawers.

    if your LEOs do not take up an effort in earnest, I'd be quesitoning them too to see if they are involved!

    If it were mine I'd have a dick (PI) working for me to get to the bottom of it. If the items have been sold in a lot form as it seems it would be in this case, their bank account would reflect it or perhaps the pressure of debt lifted would show a new person from the one who had bad credit in the past.

    Such a loss! Hopefully something will surfaced and you'll have opportunity for recourse.

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    Default Re: Stolen collection

    None of the stolen guns are "active" , except for the daggers , bayonets and other knives , who can really hurt someone , as I think that won't be the purpose for them ,
    another missing (STOLEN) item is a parade dagger from the IMPERIAL JAPANESE MARINE FORCES , very , very rare , and a gift from a veteran to my collection

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    greg koepp

    Default Re: Stolen collection

    Very sorry for your loss, i have a friend that logs down anyone who comes in his home plus has visible cameras with pin hole cameras on a 96 hours record, and re-records over the disc if everything is cool. Plus an alarm with back up!!!

    He owns allot and it's a private collection that has never been shown on the internet,.,.,.

    It has to be a friend or friend of one, like others have said above..

    For less than 500.00 you can get some outstanding security items, with long record players and pin hole cameras, and motion detectors.

    I hope you invest in something soon as all collectors need to be backed with the same. For the price of a good badge you can feel better about your collection, unless your strong armed,.,.,.


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    Default Re: Stolen collection

    philip , Grutte Pier dit plus haut que sans assurance c est une double perte ! je suis pas d accord avec ca , parce que , assurer tout ce que tu avais t auraient couté un extra, un tres gros extra ( prime beaucoup plus cher ) ici au canada selon moi ca vaux pas la peine parce que ils doivent faire venir un expert pour evaluer les items de collection , et c est l assuré qui bien sur va payé*. Quand vien le emps de payé ( s il ya vol au feu )il on toujour le moyen de ne pas le faire sous tel ou tel pretexte ... je sais pas en EUROPE comment c ela fonctionne pour assuré une collection aussi vaste que la tienne , mais ici a moin d etre tres riche , cela ne vaux pas la peine ... alors pour moi c est pas une double perte ... je te donne un exemple : avant 2004 j avais moi aussi une tres grande collection , j avais demandé pour assuré tout ca et le prix que j aurait du payé , etait astronomique , avec ce prix j aurait pu achete une maison .... j ai refusé bien sur l assurance ... pour finir tout ce que je peu te dire , c est que comme moi tu peu commencer une nouvelle collection , je sais que cest pas facille , mais bon !

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    Default Re: Stolen collection

    I what section of the country do you live? Who had knowledge of your collection? Any suspects? I know how devastating this must be, I lost my collection to a fire.

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    Default Re: Stolen collection

    Crikey Phil!!! I feel for you mate. Bloody mongrels. Hope if you have reported it to local police that they catch up with them. Good to see you keep thorough records of your collection with serial numbers and the like. It's a shame it's against the law to set booby traps for these low lifes. I'd have no sympathy coming home and finding these thieves electrocuted or impaled on a few pungey sticks. Hope you get your stuff back mate.

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    Default Re: Stolen collection

    I learned this a long time ago,never tell your neighbors that you collect anything, and document everything you have and insure it,and never invite intrested parties to your home for any reason,even for a small sale of any item.and keep your conversations only between yourself and trusted people you have known for many years.

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