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Stolen firearm found

Article about: I was notified today that I can go and pick up a .45 pistol that was stolen from my residence almost 5 years ago. I had actually given up hope of ever seeing it again. The buggers removed th

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    Default Stolen firearm found

    I was notified today that I can go and pick up a .45 pistol that was stolen from my residence almost 5 years ago.
    I had actually given up hope of ever seeing it again. The buggers removed the whole safe that was even bolted to floor and wall.

    It is however a bittersweet reunion due to the change in firearm laws down here. I had the .45 and a .38 spl registered for self defense, but now I'm only allowed one.
    Which to keep? The .45 packs a punch and has 1 more round, but in case of a misfire you can't beat a revolver, which is a 6 shot.

    I have no idea of the condition of the pistol, but it was probably doing the rounds through the gangster community, so I don't reckon it's going to look to great.
    I'm surprised the serial number was not filed off.

    Anyway, I'll have to wait till Monday before seeing for myself.


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    Default Re: Stolen firearm found

    That's great you got it back. Most people never see their stolen items again. Although I prefer a 45, if we are talking self defense, the best gun for the job, no doubt about it, is a revolver. I own a 2 38-specials, and a 357 magnum, they are a blast to shoot, no pun intended, and they are much easier to reload compared to a single magazine at least. I have a Glock 21C .45 auto as well, it is way too fun to shoot. I'll go to the gun range with several hundred .45 rounds and run out of ammo and have to leave 10 minutes later.


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    Default Re: Stolen firearm found

    Is this for home defence rather than being able to carry in a public place, I don't know S.A. firearms regs?

    If it is home defence, personally I'd get rid of both and get a shotgun with the shortest barrel and highest cartridge capacity permissible by law.
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    Default Re: Stolen firearm found

    Stug III: I am glad that the police recovered your stolen firearm. I would vote to keep the .45, but cgp1066 is right that revolvers don't jam. To be honest, my choice for a home defense weapon is a Remington, 12. Ga. slide-action shotgun loaded with 5 rounds of 00 buck. It's hard to miss the target inside a house at about 12 feet, and it will certainly put the bastard down. Dwight
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    Default Re: Stolen firearm found

    I'm with big ned on this one. You just can't beat a nice short shotgun!


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    Default Re: Stolen firearm found

    For self defense , I would say the revolver . Little can go wrong with it , and if you leave the 45. loaded the magazine spring could lose some some of it's strength over time . If you do go with the 45. load only 4/5 rounds and rotate your magazines . Being in South Africa I would consider a 12 gauge pump action shot gun . Nothing says get out of my living room like the sound of shot gun loading .
    Cheers Chris

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    Default Re: Stolen firearm found

    The 12G shotgun is the most devastating weapon on the planet for close-in defense... But hold the phone. Load bird shot not Buck. Buck is like firing 16 30 cal projectiles at high velocity. Thery will most likely go through and through your target and then continue on to kill any family members in other rooms or possibly neighbors. Birdshot will do the job and will not travel where you don't want it. Best bet is to have Hans Vang do a combat VangComp mod on your SG. Ports and throats the barrel so that your 18 inch barrel will give bird or Buck a nice tight group. Had him do it to my 870 Marine Magnum.
    I can shoot skeet with a shorty 18 inch barrel... Plus the throating decreases felt recoil a LOT! Buck for home defense? BAD idea.

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    Default Re: Stolen firearm found

    I'm not familiar with South African law at all, but wouldn't the .45 be grandfathered since it was registered before the regulation was enacted? I don't know how being stolen would factor in. Then again I'm usually of the opinion of what they don't know can't be taken away As for defense, six shots of a .38 will put down anything that stands on two legs just as well as a .45... keep the one you would rather see passed on to someone down the line.

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    Default Re: Stolen firearm found

    New gun laws allow only one firearm for self defense, either a revolver, pistol or shotgun. There is no distinction between carry or home weapon. Obviously you cannot troop around with a shotgun unless in a carry case so I feel although the shotgun for home defense is hard to beat, a handgun is the way to go. These days it's best to carry something at all times. The old adage of rather having it and not needing........comes to mind.

    The only firearms that presently don't require a licence are black powder front end loaders, but that's going to change soon as well. The only way for me to legally be able to keep both firearms is if I put the .45 on a sporting licence, but then there is a quota of competitions I have to participate in. With working for myself, I really do not have the time, also the cost is more than I can handle.
    So the logical choice is to keep only one.

    Thanks for all the responses guys.


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    Default Re: Stolen firearm found

    a .38 was found to be lacking by the military for stoping power compared to the .45 but why fool around, the .45 AND the shotgun make a nice home defence package. the .45 can be on the belt ready at all times. mag not fully loaded to ease tension on the spring, with another or 2 on the belt if you think its needed. and the shot gun can be in a convienent location.

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