Has anyone read Jo's new book Teno Ehrenzeichen? Apparently using microscopic photos, Jo believes he's discovered the attributes that can demonstrate any fake badge is a fake, that might otherwise fool a person without viewing the item in such a light. This reminds me of how Doug B has used the technology to make his point regarding the champagne SS decal. Clearly this approach is making waves, and will no doubt tear down the curtain, revealing the man behind it on many once treasured artifacts.

While no doubt this approach does enrich the tools we have to make good decisions, it draws into question how accurate we can be assessing items people post for originality, just by examining iPhone photos or usually only moderately detailed photos. It seems like it may even bring into question how accurate we might be when reviewing excellent photos a person might post. And, it could overturn long used and respected methods for assessing originality that collectors have relied on for many years now.

Granted, forum determinations of originality come with no guarantees. But, I've often wondered how many fakes can be out there that fool even the most experienced eyes, and that might require microscopic evidence to reveal their true nature. If that's the case, or ever will be the case, our love of history will have been polluted by unsavory brigands and outright crooks to the point where it may become too risky and off-putting for many collectors to participate in the hobby.

Any thoughts on how microscope analysis might start to reveal unpleasant details about items in our collections, if not start to paint a picture that there are more fakes in circulation today after decades of reproductions than originals? I've seen Jo say 95% of items in peoples collections are fakes. I'm considering picking up Jo's book soon, but I have to admit I'm nervous what I might learn about the collection I've built, and the investment I put into it.