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Article about: The Laughing cow, the story of U69.

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    Default U-boat

    Just came across thise one;

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    Default Re: U-boat

    Very inrteresting link of history of Günther Prien and the U-47 ! Great historical site !!!

    Thank for the Link !!

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    Default Re: U-boat

    I likes the Panzer site there too! Thank ya much!

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    Default Re: U-boat

    Thanks for that link stuka,

    Very interesting reading the story of U47, wouldn't catch me in one of those tin cans for all the tea in China!!



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    Default Re: U-boat

    This is my model of a type V11C, U Boat, U99, Capt, Otto
    Kretschmer. I have had this one for many years now.

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    Default Re: U-boat

    Hi Dave, that looks great. Is this that the old Revell kit? I have fancied making one of these myself. Have you seen the new larger scale kits now on the market? My problem would be finding space for one though.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: U-boat

    Hi Ade,
    I think you are right about the Revell kit, it is so long ago that i made this one. It is about 19 ins long, I took a couple of weeks to make it as i was quite ill at the time this was in 97, i have,nt seen the new large model that would be great to make, but as you said where do you keep it. I only have my war room to keep my collection and it is really full at the mo. Do you have any links for the large one i can look at?. Hope you get you sub, you will enjoy making it.

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    Default Re: U-boat

    My great great Uncle was killed onboard HMS Dunvegan by U-46 which was same model as U-47 and also a snorting bull emblem u-boat from floatile.
    Are these models available anymore to make up???

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    Default Re: U-boat

    Hi bikerboy,
    Yes you can still get these models, even though they are an old type, I have seen them on the ebay model site this is where you will find most of the old stock of models. The type V11 and V11C
    is i think the most common ones. best of luck with it.
    It would be nice to get one as your family have history with this sub,.

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    Default Re: U-boat

    Hi All,
    This is a great little book for all us armchair U Boat captains out there. It is written by Jost metzler commander of U69, it tells of the forty four man crew members in detail, on the 500 ton type
    V11C, U boat early Feb, 1941.
    It,s a really good book with some nice photo,s included.

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