Dear WRF member

We would like to ask you to use the German terminology for German items and using the Russian terminology for Russian items from now on. Thus using their original German or Russian name.

What does this all mean?

Instead of calling an Infantry Assault Badge an IAB, try using it's German name, Infanterie Sturm Abzeichen or ISA...

Will my posts get deleted if I don't use this terminology?

No they won't, but it could be that your post or it's title will be adjusted by the moderating staff.

Why change the terminology of these items?

We try to be 'Historical correct' here at the WRF forum. These items were called this way during their time so we must try to call them the same way during our present time. If we don't do this small pieces of history will get lost each day, making it harder for us to really comprehend the past.


Nick VR