War film "FORT"

In Poland, in Wroclaw produced war film Fri. "FORT". Its creators are young people from Wroclaw / Breslau


The end of World War II. The two hostile camps. Soviet troops against the troops of the Third Reich, stationed at the fort on the then Breslau. Each of the parties, exhausted wielomiesięcznymi struggles, fighting for survival. Germany, aware of inevitable doom, take less and less rational decisions. They hang each of your soldier whose shadow falls even suspicion of collaborating with the enemy. It begins a dangerous game in which life is at stake. Often, even very young people.

This film tells the story of every person, regardless of which side of the barricades put his fate, he will fight for his life and ideals to the end.

About the project

"We have tried to show the history of the other side."

The authors of the project is a group of young, aspiring filmmakers from Wroclaw. Director and screenwriter Matthew Kowalski, cameraman and editor Peter Marcjasz and production manager Dorothy Schleiss longer form a harmonious team, because this is not their first joint project. In 2015 they realized the film "Bridges", which was part of preparations to Wroclaw European Capital of Culture.

We can all help with the film!

So far, the film was realized with own funds of its manufacturers. They managed to shoot them with 1/3 of the film, however, still need funds for the remainder. For this reason, the creators decided to start a crowdfunding campaign on PolakPotrafi.pl - crowdfunding, finansowanie spo, where each of us can throw something back to the production budget. It is important for your buck, and everyone who support the project, will receive one of prizes, including physical version of the film.

Project website