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What are you currently reading?

Article about: I always enjoy stumbling on good books that I haven't read or noticed before. Please share the book or books that you are currently reading . I'm sorry if a thread of this sort has already b

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    Richard Dellar
    The British Cavalry sword 1788-1912 volumes 1 and 2
    Very good and recommend highly by the British sword collecting community.

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    Het soldatenleven zat ons in het bloed. (The soldier’s life was in our blood)

    Karl Ullrich, last commander of ‘Wiking’ , a confession.

    Small book but interesting. Unfortunately not available in English I see now.
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    "Hasta Novgorod" - "Until Novgorod".
    By Victor Barba (Editorial NORMA)

    01. HASTA NOVGOROD.jpg

    A graphic novel (in the 80s and 90s we called them comics) about the story of a soldier from the Blue Division.
    Good plot, better drawings and excellently documented.
    a pleasure for the eyes .... it is written in Spanish.




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    Started this one yesterday, already 150 pages in. Would read in one sitting if only I didn't have to go to work.

    It's a great read and it flows really easy. Reads like you are just sitting there listening to Victor tell his story. Brilliantly written and full of action and the horror of total war.



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    Just arrived in the Post this morning.
    Looking forward to getting started on it.
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