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worst case scenario

Article about: hi does anyone know if this film has been made yet ? its about zombi nazis?

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    Default worst case scenario

    hi does anyone know if this film has been made yet ?
    its about zombi nazis?
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    Hi Andrew, I had not heard of it before. Here is the official website:

    Gorehound Canned Film presents 'WORST CASE SCENARIO'

    Seems it is still in production? Check out the video in the link. A zombie wears a Luftschutz helmet back to front

    Cheers, Ade.

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    yeah ive watched the tailer it looked ok.
    anything with german military interests me especialy helmets
    i stumbled across it the other day.
    cant wait for Valkyrie film?

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    Default Re: worst case scenario

    I am actually loking forwards to seeing that too. There has been a lot of negative criticism of the film from some quarters simply because of the lead role being played by Tom Cruise. I will watch it first before I make comments like that. I will actually go to the cinema to see it. I cannot recall the last film I went to see, as it was so long ago.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: worst case scenario

    i know tom cruise dosnt exactly spring to mind about playing a lead role in a war film,but you never know he may be good
    ive never stepped foot in a cinema and im 29
    there must be so many events that happend during the war to be able to make so many good films

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