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Can anyone translate this French written WW2 letter???

Article about: Hi all is there anyone who can possibly translate this letter for me written in French during WW2. I know it was written to a female but that is all. Hope you can help and hope the image is

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    Default Can anyone translate this French written WW2 letter???

    Hi all is there anyone who can possibly translate this letter for me written in French during WW2. I know it was written to a female but that is all. Hope you can help and hope the image is clear enough. Regards, Tim.Attachment 983167

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    A quick little love note. The writer "your young Captain" hopes his dear Marie never forgets him and warns her to look out for bombs. NH

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    My dear Marie, I am remembering with joy the wonderful trip to London where I met with my beautiful little Marianna. I hope you absolutely never forget me for all time. Your young captain of several years. Kisses, C.L.

    (P.S.) Watch out for bombs.

    A note about the phrase Je te baise. In English one might use the term "kisses" as I have written here. We also use short forms for hugs and kisses with XOXO. I'm not sure when Je te baise changed in meaning but currently it means "I **** you." I'm sure this letter from January 1941 is much sweeter than that! Perhaps a French native speaker can fill us in.

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    This is most fascinating guys and thanks so much. The writer of this letter was General Sir Clive Gerard Liddell and the only one in the bundle of letters he wrote to Marianna Froewis in French, all the others he wrote in English. The General was married to Lady Hilda Liddell his second wife at the time and it would seem these letters point to secret meetings with Mrs Froewis. One wonders what became of their relationship as it presumably remained a secret. General Liddells first wife died young in child birth and the baby also died during the birth. It seems his life was touched by tragedy but he served his country well earning amongst his awards 6 mention in dispatches. Its certainly fascinating and thanks so much for the translations you guys are a great help Regards Tim.

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    Tim, Good heavens! I had no idea C.L. was Clive Liddell! My translation is somewhat close to the original meaning. Someone with a better command of French might do better. But you get the idea - he was smitten! My grandfather who served in the English Army wrote in French from time to time to my Canadian grandmother when they were courting. There may be slight mistakes in spelling or grammar present in love letters written by English men to French or French Canadian lovers. Surely, there is a biography out there that can shed some light on his life. You are quite welcome for the help - it was an honor actually to read the letter. Neil

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    I was very surprised to find these letters too Neil a most interesting and poignant find. A shame there are no photos of Mrs Froewis but guess we can have it all. He certainly was smitten with this lady even though maybe he should not have been and one wonders what became of their relationship? Heres the postcard to Mrs Froewis which looks to be from someone else-Paul???? Have a look and see what you can make out as any idea is better than none Neil and your input is much appreciated and many many thanks as this is what makes our hobby so great Best Regards Tim.Attachment 983357

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    A bit hard to read. I will look again later. It is a quick thank you note from someone named Paul sent in January of 1939. He refers to her as his cherished love. He thanks her for her good wishes and returns the sentiment. NH

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    Here is a General Sir Clive Liddell's driver at the wedding of the RASC driver and a maid. Her name was Ruiz. I will go out on a limb here and suggest that Sir Clive may have had some dalliance with another servant. The Froewis name shows up in genealogy reports but usually with an Austrian connection. Could be a married name. Have you looked for a biography? NH

    Can anyone translate this French written WW2 letter???
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    Ah yes Neil this photo is General Liddells personal Driver and was taken when his driver got married an event that General Liddell attended.The lady in this photo was one of Lady Liddells maids and is how General Liddells Driver met her, i beleive she was Spanish and her name does appear on the website. I have not been able to find a photo of Lady Helena Liddell either, no photos seem to exist of them together?? The postcard is certainly intriguing and wonder whether Mrs Froewis had more admirers than even the General was aware of-all just guessing here Neil but its certainly interesting. I noted the Austrian connection with the Froewis name and it doesnt appear French at all does it? Would be great to know more so will try and keep digging and see what comes up. Thanks again Neil for some good work Regards Tim.

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    I corrected my post. Still, there may be a maid or servant connection in Liddell's past. That may explain the little love notes. NH

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