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Local Vets bring back scrap book photos and post cards. Warning: Graphic Photos.

Article about: Hey guys. Just got this from a friend who owns a local antique store. A ww2 vet passed and he purchased the estate. He always tells me about military stuff in the shop when I come in but he

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    Thank you Stonemint for helping me to post it properly here. I felt they needed to be shared.

    I am most intrigued by the photo on the card with the type and the eagle attached to it. The eagle has a rough finish on it and seems like it's integral to the Massacre some how .

    In the meantime I am looking into getting special copies made. I have contacted a local holocaust museum and the US holocaust museum in D.C.
    I haven't heard back from them but I offered them detailed copies if they so want them.

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    A small addition here might be fitting;

    on April 25, Colonel George Lynch addressed German civilians at Gardelegen with the following statement:

    "The German people have been told that stories of German atrocities were Allied propaganda. Here, you can see for yourself. Some will say that the Nazis were responsible for this crime. Others will point to the Gestapo. The responsibility rests with neither — it is the responsibility of the German people....Your so-called Master Race has demonstrated that it is master only of crime, cruelty and sadism. You have lost the respect of the civilized world".

    Well said.

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