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What do you guys think ?

Article about: As everyone has mentioned already..thinner in the face..naturally,too me they look very similiar

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    Default What do you guys think ?

    Hey Fellas,
    I need an unbiased set of eyes,to take a look at this photo for me.
    I found this photo of soldiers of the Australian 2/31st Infantry Battalion (my Grandfathers Battalion) taking a break on the Kokoda Track.
    Do you think the Man in the foreground on the right looks like my Grandfather,Frank Ivan Buckingham ?
    Ive included his portrait to compare with.
    .I know its a bit of a long shot,but im convinced its him but some in the family are not quite as sure.
    Cheers for any comments
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture What do you guys think ?  
    Attached Images Attached Images What do you guys think ? 

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    I would say it is him.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    They do look very alike

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    Although I can't enlarge the photo I too would say that it is him. A little thinner around the face (as to be expected), but looks the same. It helps that he is wearing his helmet at a jaunty angle as he is wearing his slouch hat in the upper photo.

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    Hi Mick , I think you could well be right , this fellow certainly has a striking resemblance if it is not him! A touch thinner as is no surprise ,but I think it's the same man. Leon.
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    I think it's him Mick!!

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    Looks to be him

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    I would definitely say so, the shape of his face looks the same

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    I'd bet a carton of beer it's him, Mick. All the visible facial features look the same to me. And he's a fairly distinctive looking chap as well.

    Cheers, Willie.

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    I think its him look how he is wearing his helmet and look at the portrait he wears his hat the same way.

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