WW2 Era Heartfelt Patriotic Poem Written by a Civilian and Given to a Soldier Headed for Europe.
I’ve had this for a few years but I’ve never posted it. From what I remember, this Poem was written by a Civilian and given to a U.S. Serviceman shortly before he left for Europe during WW2. He kept it with him throughout his service. I have looked it up to see if it’s a common poem but I haven’t found anything. Leading me to believe this is a one of a kind, likely never publicly published poem. I read through the entire thing and it’s very patriotic and touching. I figured you guys would enjoy reading it. They named their poem “Under the Standard”. It reads:

“Under the Standard”

“You are engaged in humanity’s war,
Bearing the flag which your ancestors bore;
Great througs of soldiers, a strong mighty land,
Wearing the Khaki, the garb of our land.

Marching together with purpose so strong,
Stand for your principles, fight every wrong;
Splendid your chance to show yourselves true,
Under the standard, the Red, White, and Blue.

Stand by your President, Nation and Flag,
Never permit your brave spirits to lag;
Great is the cause which you all represent,
Far from your home-life, in trenches and Tent.

Liberty, Freedom, for Nations Oppressed,
May your brave service be thus richly blest,
Flag of our forefathers, ever tis new,
Wonderful colors, the Red, White and Blue.

Much do you owe to your own native land,
Binding you closely in heart and in hand;
Symbol of Freedom, our Flag is the best,
Ready at all times to stand every test.

Wonderful spirit your soldiers possess,
Surely your efforts will meet with success;
Under these colors great things will you do,
Defeat cannot come to the Red, White and Blue.

Think of your ancestors giving their lives,
Freely for country, and families and wives;
Many brave soldiers have valiantly fought,
Freedom from tyranny thus has been bought,

Sacred the fields where your forefathers died,
Thrilling us all with a national pride;
Always remember your country needs you,
Give, then, you’re best to the Red, White and Blue.

Nations are tired of slaughter and war,
Many the hearts that are weary and sore;
Poor little Belgium, bleeding and torn,
Crushed are the people, forsaken, forlorn.

Many insane from their terror and fear,
“Peace!” they are crying for, year after year,
Mighty the mission, then soldiers for you,
Justice for all through Red, White and Blue.

Don’t fight this war with hate in your heart,
Stand as american soldiers apart,
Steadfastly, kindly, with malice toward none,
God will reward you for work nobly done.

Don’t miss a chance to be helpful and kind,
Unto a foe who is mained, hurt or blind;
These men, perhaps, have loved ones like you,
Show the real spirit of Red, White and Blue.

Surrender you will not, for conguer we must,
Never shall freedom be trailed in the dust;
Down with Autocracy, once and for all,
That is the reason you’ve answered the call,

Soldiers, be heroes, stand firm for the right,
Hesitate never to enter the fight;
Lift up Old glory, with courage anew
Liberty's Emblem, the Red, White and Blue.

Treat with respect the men in command,
Some future day in their place you may stand,
Always be ready to say, “Here I am!”
Prove worthy nephews of your Uncle Sam.

Serving your country with purpose so brave,
Long may the Stars and the Stripes ever wave,
Floating so proudly, your banner so true,
Pay every tribute to Red, White and Blue.

Strive for preparedness, always worth while,
Duties perform with a light- hearted smile,
God grant that many of you will return,
Bearing the honors of war that you earn.

If you are called, though, to give up your life,
Die like a hero engaged in the strife;
Thus will your sacrifice always imbue,
Others to fight for the Red, White and Blue.

While you thus fight for America dear,
Showing your courage unmingled with fear,
Do not forget when you’re tempted to sin,
Great is your Captain who’ll help you to win,
Just as important to live true and right,
While for your Country so nobly you fight;
Keep in remembrance your mother is god true,
While you are serving the Red, White and Blue.

Often the days will seem weary and long,
When you’ll grow tired of bustle and throng,
Then comes the hour of triumph again,
Bravely you stand as you show yourselves men.

Facing the cunning and craft of your foe,
Seeing about you much anguish and woe,
We in the Homeland are counting on you,
knowing you’ll stand for the Red, White and Blue.

Tempted you’ll be, perhaps every day,
God will then help you, he’s not far away,
Near you he stands in your hour of need,
Proving himself your great helper indeed.

Keep yourself faithful, it may be, perchance,
Others you’ll influence, “somewhere in France.”
Prayers that ascend will your courage renew,
Holding you loyal to Red, White and Blue.

Honor all women wherever you roam,
Think of your mother or sweetheart at home;
Act like a man to each innocent girl,
Proudly your standard of morals unfurl,

Be like the man you'd want sister to meet,
Ask god to keep you from mortal defeat;
Make this your motto, my duty I’ll do,
Under the standard, the Red, White and Blue.

If you have left a dear mothers fond care,
Write, then, and tell her the trials you bear,
Ready she stands to share trouble or joy,
Praying for you, who was once “Baby Boy”.

Bravely she parted from you, her own son,
Therefore be ready all evil to shun,
Look first to god, then to mother so true,
Never dishonor the Red, White and Blue.

Wonderful sacrifice mother has made,
Sending you forward, her heart unafraid,
Nobly through Red cross shes doing her bit,
All the time praying that you may keep fit.

Thousands of mothers who live in our land,
Are patiently waiting, unfaltering they stand,
There is a courage unequaled by few,
Mothers so faithful to Red, White and Blue.

Close to your tent stand the Y.M.C.A,
Bringing you cheer at the end of the day,
Heed well their teachings, again and again,
Years they have studied the problems of men.

Homesickness conquers by helping along,
Someone who’s weaker, while you are so strong,
Thus shall your manhood give all its due,
Unto old glory, the Red, White and Blue.”
WW2 Era Heartfelt Patriotic Poem Written by a Civilian and Given to a Soldier Headed for Europe.
WW2 Era Heartfelt Patriotic Poem Written by a Civilian and Given to a Soldier Headed for Europe.
WW2 Era Heartfelt Patriotic Poem Written by a Civilian and Given to a Soldier Headed for Europe.
WW2 Era Heartfelt Patriotic Poem Written by a Civilian and Given to a Soldier Headed for Europe.