WW2 Era Letter Written by member of the Chemical Warfare Service Pt.2
This letter was written by a Pvt. Karl H. McLaughlin. He served with the 2nd Chemical Warfare Service (C.W.S) Training Battalion at the Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland. The letter is dated June 5th 1942. It reads:

“Friday Eve. June 5th, 1942

Dear Folks:-

I delayed answering your letter I got a week ago until I got these pictures today and at the same time I got them I got moved to HQ. Co. here as a member of the more or less permanent cadre associated with the C.W.S. So go by my new address until I tell you different which will likely be less than a month from now. Some of the fellows I know in this company are leaving in a couple days to start construction of the new camp. It’s called (?) I believe. It’s no military secret. The machine shop truck is going to shipped by train. I guess, so I won’t be able to pick up any pin money sharpening scissors and scythes on the way.

I hope you like these pictures. I have some more in the making which I will send as soon as possible. I will also send copies to grandma and uncle Willie. You keep all the pictures I send you for yourselves. You can show them to anyone you care to if you want. But I mean you folks are to retain ownership. If you want some more of Marry for Philips folks, let me know.

Let the rest of the folks down there know my new address as soon as convenient.

*(back of letter)*

I will go back to my old company every once in a while, at least once a day just to see if any mail comes in for me before they forward it. I am rather flustered tonight In trying to write everyone tonight about my new address because I surely covered ground during the day. Checking in my property at my old company and drawing new stuff here. I will write extra information on the back of the enclosed pictures. Love, Karl.

This last week I have been up at the HDQ. Office again, drawing illustrations for new training manuals and yesterday Lt. Me Hugh started me out to writing a new instruction manual for the new .30 cal carbine that the army is going to use and for which no instructions have yet been written. So I am a “pioneer”.

PVT. Karl H.Mc Laughlin
Hq. & Hq. Co. C.W.S. ERTC
Edgewood Arsenal
Maryland “

He was almost certainly referring to the M1 Carbine
WW2 Era Letter Written by member of the Chemical Warfare Service Pt.2
WW2 Era Letter Written by member of the Chemical Warfare Service Pt.2