WW2 Era Letter Written by Soldier “Who is this guy Sinatra everyone is raving about?”
The letter was written by Donald R. Clifton. He served with the 35th Infantry. He was born on August 1st 1918 in Pennsylvania. The letter reads:

“March 25th 1944
Saturday Evening

Dear Doris and all,

Just received your swell letter together. See it is a pleasure indeed to get a letter from the home town, and those pictures are the berries! Josh you and Bea certainly had your arms full when those snaps were taken.

Was just listening to the radio. The program was the contest between Crosby and Sinatra. Who is this guy Sinatra that everyone is raving about? Tonight was the first I heard him sing. Give me Bing anytime.

How old are the babies? They will probably be going to school before I get back. But then there are plenty in the boat with me. How do they like the snow? What did you mean that I might not like the pictures? Derlie(?) I thrive on them and that isn’t a line. I have a whole album of pictures since I have been in army. How are aunt Jake and Doe, and aunt Mab and Hank, Shirley and all the rest. Please give everyone my best regards and to please write soon.

As ever,

Donald passed away on April 7th 2018.