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Paper items safe display and storage.

Article about: Hello everyone, I've come to ask a question on how to safely store and display my paper items, as well as where to purchase safe storage for these items, I'm looking to store/display items l

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    Default Paper items safe display and storage.

    Hello everyone, I've come to ask a question on how to safely store and display my paper items, as well as where to purchase safe storage for these items, I'm looking to store/display items like letters, photos and military documents. I've looked around but I haven't been able to find much insight on how to do this properly. Appreciate all the help.

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    We have a fair few threads on this subject, if you use the search function you will find them.
    The general points.

    -Acid free sleeves/paper
    -out of direct light, natural is the biggest issue.
    -archival spacers/sheets if you are stacking paper items
    -be mindful of humidity/ moisture.

    If you could tell us what you exactly want to display (pass book, Wherpass, Photo, postcard ect), a more targeted answer could be given.


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    A couple things, I have some photos from the 30s/40s of Soviet Soldiers, A 1945 Red army paybook. A newspaper clipping of a Mig 15 from the 50s and a Soviet soldiers letter from the GPW. That is all I have.

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    There are indeed plenty of threads about storing paper items. The search button is your best friend

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    As long as paper items aren't displayed within direct sunlight (or near any other source of bright light or heat) it is perfectly fine to display them openly. I've had a few WWII-era newspapers hung in frames on my collection room wall for a number of years, and as of yet they are no worse for wear. Cheap acrylic frames work perfectly well, though you should line the backing with acid-free tissue paper. Displaying them on a shelf is fine too, as long as said shelf doesn't catch the sun during the day. Beware of humidity, too. Displaying paper artifacts near a window that's often open, or near heaters or hot water pipes, should be avoided.

    As for storage, there's a very simply solution. I've accumulated quite a few newspapers over the years, and I store them by wrapping them in two large sheets of acid-free tissue paper, then stowing them somewhere dark. Acid-free tissue paper can be bought in bulk cheaply and easily (check Amazon) and is typically sold in large sheets, allowing you to wrap larger items, or cut the larger sheets down to size for smaller ones. It does mean you have to unwrap your items to look at them, but that's the tradeoff for enjoyment/preservation.

    Regards, B.B.
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    Dos is online now


    Great tips above, but don’t forget to wear cotton gloves.. the acids on your hands are also harmful. Not only to paper! Over time and handling items more and more it can do real damage without them.


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    Be careful of having the piece directly against the glass as items like older photos could actually attach themselves to the glass and when removed will stick to the glass and become damaged. Use an acid free mat to separate. The next step is to add protection to limit the UV damage, There are several commercial products that have been developed over the years to help reduce the amount of fading. No product will eliminate fading. It is important to select a product that will reduce at least 95% of the ultraviolet radiation but preferably 99%. Each has its own strengths, and weaknesses. Cost, percentage of protection, ease of use, scratch resistance, glare control, and cleaning are all important considerations. There are basically three types of conservation glass. First is the “Conservation clear glass”. It blocks 97% of the UV, and has a slightly greener tint to it than regular glass. These tints tend to disappear when placed in the frame and is generally unnoticeable except to the trained eye. Next is the same glass but with “reflection control”. This glass has an etched surface that helps diffuse the light so there is less glare. It is more expensive that the standard conservation clear glass. The best glass available is “Museum glass”. It is extraordinarily clear, blocks 97% of the UV, has a non reflective surface superior to non-glare glass, and is also extraordinarily expensive. This is the ultimate product and best used for those pieces of high value. All frame stores carry and promote these types of glass. Some do not even offer standard pane glass anymore for framing. Credit: Various sources
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    I like these for document storage. A rigid sleeve which keeps corners from getting bent and also allows you to handle them. They come in many different sizes for your documents. Google 'top loader' and you will find many size options.

    I love them because I can handle and examine the document without fear.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Paper items safe display and storage.  

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    I use the same

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    I tried to find them on internet with rigid plastic folder but with no sucess
    Do they have a specific name?

    In advanace thank you

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