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Czechoslovak combat equipment 1960s. Part 1

Article about: Czechoslovak combat equipment from the 60s was of high quality leather & canvas. Presented here on a VZ60 mlok camo pattern jacket issued originally to paratroopers, it was also issued t

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    Thank you for this series of posts.
    Jellichi pants are the basic item I passed up on Ebay and I wish I had bought. M60 boots have been avaliable in NZ/Australia recently from the Army and Outdoors website.
    Hi Kateri, I'm looking for Jellichi as well as Salamander pants, either the price is crazy or the size way to small or to large. With a bit of luck & patience I'll find some. Here is a Link of a serious Czech army surplus store (you may already know it) where I found a few older items.
    Army surplus shop | Army surplus MILITARY RANGE


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    Our army used a lot of equipment components from the Wehrmacht. Then she tried to imitate them.

    Best regards Jirka

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    Hi Jirka, thanks for your comments. We must remember that even before Czechoslovakia fell under German occupation their innovative armement industry was the 7th largest manufacturer of arms, the Bren machine gun (manufactured under licence) is a good exemple.
    ZB vz. 26 - Wikipedia
    List of Czechoslovakia interwar period weapons - Wikipedia
    Overall the Czech industry is one of quality products. Even during the communist era they never adopted the AK but produced their vz. 58 assault rifle.
    vz. 58 - Wikipedia


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    I would also like to mention the vz.60 celt
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Czechoslovak combat equipment 1960s. Part 1   Czechoslovak combat equipment 1960s. Part 1  

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