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1907 British Bayonet Markings‏

Article about: Can any help with these markings on a Sanderson 1907 bayonet dated 10-16. Thanks z4.

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    Default 1907 British Bayonet Markings‏

    Can any help with these markings on a Sanderson 1907 bayonet dated 10-16.

    Thanks z4.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 1907 British Bayonet Markings‏  

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    I have known DP to indicate 'drill practice', and is intended for training. Does the bayonet have a sharp edge or tip?

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    I have other bayonet's marked D P for drill practice but they are only marked once but its the F F marking what has me more puzzled.


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    How has the blade been reshaped, shortened, or has it been modified at all?


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    The blade is 425 mm so it has been shortened by about 7 mm.


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    I have looked through everything I have, including Skennerton. The only thing that might make sense is the marks are F.R. for factory repair. This could have been an English 1907 downgraded and shipped to India. India did a lot of modifications and marked the blade F.R. This is really reaching for an explanation, but it's the best I got?


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    You could be right Jim maybe just a bad stamp.


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