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Help identifying inherited WW2 fighting knife !

Article about: Hi all, Happy New Year! I inherited what research indicates to be a fighting knife from my grandfather who sadly passed away. The story behind it (from what I can remember) is that during Wo

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    Just read something similar about the different coloured handles on a French thread! Though I haven't been able to find a meaning for a black handle. Interesting about either being plated or anodised. Thank you for researching and sharing!

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    MAP is online now


    Just another link of an RRC dagger

    french pilot dagger ??
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    Just came across this TikTok ( https://www.tiktok.com/@historicalan...45695135599914 ) showing what looks like the same type of dagger but with a different manufacturer and it says the black handle designated a warrant officer. Thoughts on the video? Wary not to believe everything I read/see online.

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    Looks very similar and also has the R.R.C., how interesting, this maker sounds like a mystery to many. Thanks for sharing

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    I'm starting to wonder whether it's not black but a very dark blue? Saw a listing describe the handle as dark blue but the images just looked black to me. Have seen blue mentioned online in terms of ranking but imagined it to be a brighter more obvious shade

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