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US Paratrooper Auto Collection

Article about: Name: P1030917.jpg  Views: 0  Size: 219.7 KB  ID: 983783 class= thumbnail style= float:CONFIG /> Neat knives. All are US issue (or supplied) automatic knives except for the se

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    Default US Paratrooper Auto Collection

    US Paratrooper Auto Collection

    Neat knives. All are US issue (or supplied) automatic knives except for the second from the left; this one is a manual shroud cutter only.

    All except those with orange handles (scales) are WWII vintage. WWII knives are Geo. Schrade with either metal, plastic or bone handles.

    Second from the top is very rare 'Hawkbill' by Geo. Schrade.

    The two outside (left & right) are MC-1 post War autos by Camillus & Logan/Smyth (interesting story on the Logan/Smyth brand).

    Hope you enjoy!

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    Hi, know absolutely zilch about these, but I really like the look of your collection. Great stuff! Leon.

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    Nice collection.
    I have a couple of the MC-1s but have yet to get an authentic ww2 auto.
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    Impressive sir.

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  5. Paratrooper collection needs verification

    In Polish Armed Forces in the West (Polskie Siły Zbrojne na Zachodzie) 1939-1947
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