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Dragoon Heavy Cavalry Sabre

Article about: Jason; Did you lot ride horses, or APCs? Boridin

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    Default Dragoon Heavy Cavalry Sabre


    Here are some pictures of a Dragoon Heavy Cavalry Sabre that I am in the process of restoring.

    When I picked it up in England in the late 70s, I got it just because it was a sword. Really didn't know much about it, and honestly at the time, I didn't care. It was cheap, because someone had spray painted it silver. They painted the scabbard, the blade, basket, hilt, the whole thing. I brought it home from Europe, when my tour was up, and put it into one of my footlockers, and kind of forgot about it. Recently, while cleaning out the basement, I found it again. I dug it out, and began to clean it up. As I did, I realized what it is.

    This is one of the heavy Cavalry sabres made in England for the Tsar's Heavy Cavalry. Now, whether it was shipped, and somehow ended up back in England, or whether it never left England I do not know, but here it is.

    I have not included pictures of the blade, because I am not finished with that part of the project, but will add some later.

    Also of note is the suspension harness. This is one of the Hiki1620 produced harness'. I am very pleased with it. I ordered it, and oiled it with Neatsfoot oil once I had it, so this is the harness after oiling.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Dragoon Heavy Cavalry Sabre   Dragoon Heavy Cavalry Sabre  

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    Default Re: Dragoon Heavy Cavalry Sabre

    looks much like the U.S. Civil War Cal sword without the curve... nice

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    Default Re: Dragoon Heavy Cavalry Sabre

    Looks good.

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    Default Re: Dragoon Heavy Cavalry Sabre

    Quote by colt45 View Post
    looks much like the U.S. Civil War Cal sword without the curve... nice
    The sabre you are referring to is the U.S. model 1860 light Cavalry sabre. Unlike this sabre, the model 1860 is a light Cavalry sabre, while this sabre is a heavy Cavalry sabre.

    The difference is in how the weapon is employed.

    Heavy Cavalry was used against other Cavalry, and rather than slashing as they passed, the heavy Cavalry impaled their opponent, hence the long, straight, heavy blade. The broad edge of the blade on a heavy Cavalry sabre may, or may not be sharpened. Un-sharpened blades are called "blunts". While they are less capable of doing slashing damage, they can break bones, especially heads because of the strength of the blade. Striking the mount (horse) of another Cavalryman, with the blunt edge of the blade, primarily in the head, or neck could kill, or de-commission the horse, making the Cavalryman nothing more than a dismounted light infantryman.

    Some people also refer to this style of Sabre (the one pictured above) as an artillery sabre, as artillery often used this same style, because they employed them in much the same way as heavy Cavalry, while riding the traces.

    Light Cavalry was used primarily against infantry, and other dismounted elements. They would slash with the broad edge of the sabre, cutting their targets.

    Both styles are very effective, against the opponents they are intended to be used against.


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    Default Re: Dragoon Heavy Cavalry Sabre

    Quote by Blitzkrieg Bop View Post
    Looks good.


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    Default Re: Dragoon Heavy Cavalry Sabre

    this is actualy a light cavalry sword it is not a sabre and they were never sharpend you are correct in the fact it is a stabing weapon not a slashing weapon a sabre is used for slashing but allso never sharpend
    i say this as an ex cavalry man a cavalry sword has a strait blade a cavalry sabre has a curved blade , hussars and lancers ,had sabre and sword respectively both weapons had a different use and are very different in design
    as i say you have a light cavalry sword either lancers or light hussars but deffinately not dragoons ,,,dragoons had heavy curved bladed sabres cheers ian
    im also a little confused as to your description of the use of light and heavy cavalry
    light cav were used more often against other cav ,,heavy cav were used more against dug in or heavily defended positions
    hence the miss use of the light bregade in the balaclaver part of the crimean war
    of wich my regemant was involved
    and the regement still tent pegs with there SWORDS,,you cant tent peg with a sabre
    drgoons as such did not realy come into there own untill the advent of the muscet,,that was the primery weapon of the dragoons folowed by there sabre
    lancers (by there name ) used a lance ,folowed by there sword ,,, hussars primary weapon was there sword ,or sabre depending on which regement IE light or heavy
    my regement is 3rd in number of horses it has only beaten by the life guards and the blues an royals
    the use of the lance and sword are still part of regiemental life and is tresured by all lancers
    there is a huge difference between sword and sabre and all of us tresure the difference ,, it is what makes the regements what they are
    over 400 years of history for ,lancers ,hussars ,and dragoons ,nomater which country they come from there formation and set up is the same
    there weapons and use is the same ,sword and sabre are very very different
    Last edited by ian; 08-29-2010 at 01:36 PM.

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    Default Re: Dragoon Heavy Cavalry Sabre

    My description is based on what I was taught in the U.S. cavalry, so perhaps British Army uses them a bit differently.

    Thank you very much for your input Ian, it is good to hear from another horseman.


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    Default Re: Dragoon Heavy Cavalry Sabre

    Ваша сабля - класс!
    (Some detail images later would be very much appreciated.)
    Yes, many national differences : French and Russian historical usages are yet again slightly different from Anglo-American practices.

    - Frayer

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    Default Re: Dragoon Heavy Cavalry Sabre




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    Default Re: Dragoon Heavy Cavalry Sabre

    talking of hussars i was in the 14th/20th kings hussars which is now the kings royal hussars.

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