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Need translation help. Cigarette case.

Article about: Got two cigarette cases that I need translation help. Case 1. Case 2.

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    Default Need translation help. Cigarette case.

    Got two cigarette cases that I need translation help.

    Case 1.

    Case 2.

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    Circuit advertisement Need translation help. Cigarette case.
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    Case 1.
    To Nikolai Petrovich Mikhalev from Ivan Petrovich Vovk.
    Novorossiysk, 1.6.1946

    Case 2.
    To the chief of staff of 28th Army, General-Major Rogachevskiy S.M. from commanders of 295th Rifle Division. To 26th anniversary of the Red Army.

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    Default Major-General Samuil Mironovitch Rogachevskiy

    Interesting cigarette holders, especially the second one.
    The second cigarette holder was given by the commanders of the 295th rifle division to Major General Samuil Mironovitch Rogachevskiy, the chief of staff of the 28th Soviet Army. This in honor of the 26th anniversary of the Red Army. The Red Army was founded in 1918. This would mean that the cigarette holder was donated to him in 1944.
    The depicted state emblem of the Soviet Union is the so-called 2nd version (11 ribbons), which was used in the period 1936 - 1946.
    Rogachevskiy was Chief of Staff of the 28th Army from September 25, 1942 to the end of the war in 1945. He took part in the Battle of Stalingrad, the Donbass operation, the Melitopol operation, the Nikopol-Kryvyi Rih operation, the Bereznegovato-Snigirevskaya operation, the Belorussian operation, the East Prussian operation, the Berlin operation and the Prague operation.
    The connection with the 295th Rifle Division is not entirely clear to me, as I do not think it was part of the 28th Army in 1944.
    More about Major General Samuil Rogachevskiy; Рогачевский, Самуил Миронович — Википедия and Рогачевский Самуил Миронович :: Память народа .

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    Thanks so much you two.

    I agree, the second one is very interesting, one of my favorites.

    I have a couple others I lost the translations too, so I'll try and post them soon.

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    Case 3

    Case 4

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    Case 3.
    The memory of the Patriotic war.
    The other side: To Major Yarygin for the memory from the commander of the anti-aircraft regiment Major Martynov.

    Case 4.
    Smoke, starshina Podgorniy
    For the memory from ... (I can't understand the name by this photo)

    Nice collection of cases, grimes!

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    Got one last one that needs a translation.

    I forget where it was recovered from, but I remember it being something about a penal battalion.

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    The date 15.06.1942 is too early for penal battalions. Something's wrong with it.

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    Default Штрафникам автоматы не нужни

    The cigarette holder could have come from a Russian prisoner (штрафник) from a penal battalion but given the date it could have come from a Soviet Russian soldier in German captivity.
    With Google Translate, a Russian-English dictionary and some knowledge of the Russian language the text can be translated.
    Fortunately, we also have Russian members on this forum who can improve my translation if necessary.
    The text on the cigarette holder; "штрафникам автоматы не нужни! - Prisoners do not need automatics (rifles)!". The pictured rifle on the cigarette holder is a Soviet SVT-40 semi-automatic rifle.
    The text on the other side; "голыми руками рвём врага! - with bare hands we tear the enemy apart! - 15.06.1942."

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    Got a question on one I was looking at.

    Case is aluminum.

    Front appears to be the Order of Victory.

    What does the back engraving say?

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