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Svt38 bayonet?

Article about: HI. Is this an Svt38? Are they rare? Sorry for the quality of the pics, the seller is an older gentleman and hasn't really mastered the phones yet. The seller is asking 200 euros for it.

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    Hopefully the sale will be successful for you. One more advice, take someone with you. After all, it looks like he tried to scam you.

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    Circuit advertisement Svt38 bayonet?
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    I agree. Don't go alone.

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    I hope all goes well and we get better photo's of your Bayo's.(Are you getting both of them?)
    Looks like you got a Great deal if this happens.

    Semper Fi
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    I was recommended to cancel the meeting. Police contacted (I had made a report on him) and told me that the person had been caught driving while under the influence of amphetamine and he has violent tendencies. I decided to leave it to the police, I doubt they will be actually able to do anything because the "seller" was hit with heavy penalties and lost his job (He has no money). I could make take it higher and order the state to take goods to offset the cost of the trade and the fee that the state takes from having to come and take some stuff. I'm not sure if it's worth the hassle and the scammer has kids, I'm sure money is very tight.

    Thanks anyway for the advice and info about the bayonets. I'll use this new knowledge I have when I hopefully find a real deal.

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