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Unknown Soviet WW2 gas mask - O-11 mask

Article about: Hi. My first post on the forum, so please do not judge strictly. I don't speak English, I use a translator, so some phrases may seem strange to you. Ask any clarifications in the comments. F

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    Very very good post

    Simple, accurate, interesting

    I now understand all the different variation of mask bag for exemple

    Thanks a lot for the sharing


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    Circuit advertisement Unknown Soviet WW2 gas mask - O-11 mask
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    Quote by Endr View Post
    Further, only my conclusions - O-11 is made on the basis of ShM-1, uses a similar valve system and the shape of glasses. On the other hand, the shape of the rubber is very different - since it is a half mask, the rubber is able to thicken (like Mod O-8) to maintain a certain shape of the face and not be too soft. The rear straps are very similar in their scheme to those in civilian gas masks during the war - GP-1/2, but the O-11 straps are thicker and made of much more reliable materials (the model is army, and the GP was made semi-handicraft from available materials, if the topic of civilians is interesting gas masks, a separate large post will be interesting).

    If the ShM-1 was produced from 1939 to 1945, then all the O-11 samples found are dated 1941, even those dug out on the battlefield! Given their colossal rarity, the conclusion suggests itself - this model remained small-scale (some collectors dare to call it experimental, but I do not believe in it), and due to economy of materials it was discontinued at the beginning of the war. Straps - an additional complication of construction and fabric consumption, as well as metal fasteners - metal was then in short supply. Many people know about the bags of gas masks with wooden adjustment that appeared in 1941 (yes, not in 1942!), As well as the absence of buttons and their replacement with wooden fasteners - one of the facts of saving metal in wartime.

    Here is a photo of O-11, taken today specifically for this publication.

    Attachment 1449463Attachment 1449464Attachment 1449465Attachment 1449466Attachment 1449467Attachment 1449468Attachment 1449469Attachment 1449470Attachment 1449471Attachment 1449472Attachment 1449473Attachment 1449474Attachment 1449475
    Yes, the bags with wooden fasteners are called M1941 by collectors

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    Superb work, Endr!
    Many thanks for this informative and interesting thread..
    I particularly like the horse mask in the museum display - fantastic!
    I look forward to learning much more..

    All the best,
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