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Mystery M 2 Bag

Article about: Hello, the other day I picked up a few items from an estate sale. One of them was this M 2 ammuniton bag. When I got home I did some research and found that this was not government issue dur

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    Default Mystery M 2 Bag

    Hello, the other day I picked up a few items from an estate sale. One of them was this M 2 ammuniton bag. When I got home I did some research and found that this was not government issue during the war becuase it has straps and flaps instead of the neck hole. I read that they made a strap version during the war in Vietnam but this item came from the home of a World War Two veteran. Maybe its a wartime modification? I do not know if he picked this item from somewhere
    or if he brought it back home from the military. Any information is greatly appreciated! By the way, the first photo is from online only to show the difference between this bag and the common one.
    Mystery M 2 BagMystery M 2 BagMystery M 2 BagMystery M 2 Bag
    P.S., sorry for the picture quality- I could only use my laptop's camera.

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    Default Re: Mystery M 2 Bag

    Hi Artur95,
    unfortunately this subject is a real minefield as this type of item is neigh on impossible to date or to authenticate, the reason is that many such rigger and field made items have been faked deliberately or by accident overs the years, and so confirming this as WWII field made item is very difficult if not these days impossible, again the only way to tell really who made the modifications is to look at the quality of the workmanship, but again this can't give you a definitive date.

    Here's just a few example's

    Machine stitched on an old Singer Model 27/ Model 127 or similar with thin cotton thread only really suitable for repairing a shirt collar, in a funny none military shade, or white then ether post war so the Vet could still make use of it, or some joker trying to fake up a "rare" and "valuable" items yet again.

    Hand stitched tied on straps your looking at the G.I. in the field, or post war at home after his wife bent a third needle on her prized Singer Model 127 trying to stitch them dam army straps on his on his old knapsack thing.

    Any of the above but bought Govt surplus in the 1950's or 60's when this stuff was dirt cheap and then modified for a specific purpose or civilian job.

    Machine stitch with heavy army shade thread, but crudely finished think possibly rigger modified, but again impossible to prove and there are now many fakers out there due to the internet, buying genuine WWII field gear items of low value and then cutting them up to produce "field made" and rigger made" items to rack up a large profit.

    Factory standard of workmanship, alterations and changes then this was done at a QM Depot, this applies to a lot of U.S.M.C. gear which was recycled, before being issued for the first time, but yet again very hard to date and authenticate.

    "Now, I've designed this like a collapsing bag ! "

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    Default Re: Mystery M 2 Bag

    Thank you very much Nige. I was hoping this might have been some sort of special military bag- since it came out of a veteran's garage, but you do have a point that I forgot. After the war people did modify military items to suit their needs. Only if my bag had a makers mark... But anyway- I had paid $3.00 for it so I am not that disappointed. Thanks again-


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