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New Webbing Book

Article about: I am pleased to announce that my latest book, Webbing at War Volume 2- The Other Wartime Sets, is now complete and the Kickstarter for the book will be launched on the 1st March. Following t

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    Default New Webbing Book

    I am pleased to announce that my latest book, Webbing at War Volume 2- The Other Wartime Sets, is now complete and the Kickstarter for the book will be launched on the 1st March.

    New Webbing Book

    Following the first, critically acclaimed, volume in the Webbing at War series which covered 1937 pattern equipment, this volume looks at the other sets of webbing used by British forces in the Second World War. These sets are far rarer and little has ever been published about many of them, therefore this volume fills an important gap in the historiography and is an essential resource for collectors, modellers, historians and re-enactors. This book covers the Royal Navy’s 1919 Pattern webbing, the Royal Air Force’s 1925 Pattern equipment and the 1939, 1940 and 1944 pattern sets that were used by the British Army. The book covers the history of each set, the components that make up each set of equipment and how to assemble and wear the sets. The book is packed full of colour photographs of surviving pieces, together with period images and diagrams to tell the fascinating story of these forgotten webbing sets. This is an essential volume for all with an interest in webbing design and development and will be a resource you turn back to time and again.

    New Webbing Book

    With nearly 180 pages of contents, this fully referenced and indexed book is packed with hundreds of specially commissioned full colour photographs, drawing on the collections of historians across the globe to show the many variants and components of the sets. These photographs are combined with rare period photographs and diagrams to provide the most comprehensive guide to the subject ever released and this book is ideal for collectors, historians, modellers and those in the heritage sector.

    New Webbing Book

    The book is being released in two formats- a standard paperback release and an exclusive hardcover copy that is only available to those who back the book on Kickstarter which will come numbered and signed by the author. Demand is sure to be strong for this book, so be sure to get your order in and be the first to have a copy on your bookshelf.

    New Webbing Book

    We have a prelaunch page ready where you can register your interest. There is no obligation at this stage, but it will notify you when the project is live so you can back it at that point if you think it is something you want to support. Handy if, like me, your memory is atrocious and you don't want to risk missing out on the book when the Kickstarter launches!

    Register your Interest
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    This looks like a great reference book. I took the liberty of copying your post and putting it in the discussion area of the Forum reference library.

    Best regards


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    I have Volume 1 which I think is excellent ; it's become one of my regular 'go to' reference works. So Volume 2 is a definite for me !

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    I am pleased to announce that the Kickstarter for my latest book "Webbing at War Volume 2- the other wartime sets" is now live and you can back the book with a number of different paperback and hardback options.
    For those of you unsure about Kickstarters- this is a way of crowd funding a project to raise the capital to get it off the ground. If you back a project, you only get charged if the project meets its goals and has enough backers to make it viable. You pledge certain amounts of money in return for different rewards (in this case the book in either hard or soft cover) and when the project has been funded the book will be printed and shipped to you.
    The Kickstarter runs for the next thirty days so you don’t have much time to back it. You can find my Kickstarter here:

    Kickstarter Page

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    Duly done !

    ( Later that day : I see you're halfway there already..... )
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    Done. I'd like a hard one!

    Almost two thirds there already!


    "War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing he cares more about than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature with no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself."

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    Just placed my pledge as well!

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    And it's over the finishing line already. This is probably the only bit of good news I've seen this year !

    Well done.......

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    Hi All, a few updates for you on Webbing at War Volume 2- The Other Wartime Sets.

    The response to the Kickstarter has been amazing and the book was funded in under 36 hours which is just mind blowing. This means the book will definitely be going into production and will be in backers hands in early May. If you have backed the book, thankyou!

    I can also announce now that the book has a foreword by eminent collector and author Chris Pollendine, and thanks to the support of another collector, the book will include the first published set of fitting instructions for 1925 pattern webbing. Official assembly instructions from Mills seem to have been lost to history, if they ever existed, however a 1930s RAF poster with assembly instructions for 1925 pattern rifle equipment has been found and this will be the first time these instructions have been available to collectors.

    If you have not yet considered backing the project, please take a look at the Kickstarter page. Remember if you want the book in hardback, or want an opportunity to get both volumes in hardback, this is the only chance you will have.

    Kickstarter Link

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    Hi All. The book has now arrived from the printers and is ready to purchase:

    Webbing at War Volume 2- The Other Wartime Sets

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