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Unknown (to me) US canteen accessory

Article about: Hello Gents, Today I picked up a couple nice US canteens. The one on the right is an awesome Baker-Lockwood 1941 cover with 1941 cup and undated canteen. The other one I believed to be a run

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    Thank you everyone for the help and kind words. I sure am happy with the find, more so since I only paid $10 USD for the set.

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    They were still issuing the canteen stoves into the 90's and later.. When the camelback hydration system came out the issuing of 2 canteens (plastic) and 1 metal canteen cup with the heater mostly went by the way side,, but there are still some units that issue them (canteen cup heaters) and they can be found at clothing and sales stores on military bases and they abound in surplus shops (at least around here at Ft Bliss, TX.)

    You did a great restoration on the one you found..


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    That's quite neat! I hadn't seen one of those before. Great job cleaning it up!

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    Good job, now let's see how you go with the cover?

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    Thanks! it was a messy restoration job; plenty of scrubbing, scaping, and a generous amount of cussing.

    When I went into the army in 2011, I was issued a camel back AND the wire handle canteen cup. I got another when I had moved units in 2015 as well

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    Amazing find rare in the extreme.
    That is an original M1942 Canteen Cup Stand Stove, all the 1980 & 1990 versions are aluminum and were developed from it.
    It is almost impossible to find pictures of it let alone the actual item.
    The newer Aluminum ones do not have the 2 ventilation holes toward the front
    Unknown (to me) US canteen accessory

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    Recon 3690,

    Thank you for the additional information regarding the heater element


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    Wow. 4 years later and still running! Thank you for the comment Recon. I’m still happy to have it in my collection

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    The researcher in me enjoys the what is its.

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