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Silly question.

Article about: How does one identify the name of the soldier the tag belongs to?

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    Default Silly question.

    How does one identify the name of the soldier the tag belongs to?

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    Via the German Volksbund or if you are lucky some researchers and collectors do have details of the Erkennunsmarke details of the members of certain units , Regiment Danmark is an example.

    Problem with the Volksbund is it is difficult to get the information from them unless you are a relative , even if the remains are recovered with the tag they will only give out details of the date / place of death etc not the name of the soldier.
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    Default Re: Silly question.

    Yup, my father actually had to provide a letter of permission from my grandmother to get his uncle's service record, so the privacy issue is pretty significant- as it should be really. No country's military would give out personal information to just anyone...
    Ohhhhh- pillage then burn...

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