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SS Erkennungsmarke from russia

Article about: I am not a specialist of ss dog tags, but i think they are good.

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    Default SS Erkennungsmarke from russia

    I am not a specialist of ss dog tags, but i think they are good.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SS Erkennungsmarke from russia   SS Erkennungsmarke from russia  

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    Circuit advertisement SS Erkennungsmarke from russia
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    I do not want to have any of these 3 tags. Even not for free.

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    Before we give a thumbs down straight away, please lets compare them to known originals.

    The ones below are originals posted by our forum member Dimas in the SS Erkennungsmarken sticky thread.

    SS Erkennungsmarke from russiaSS Erkennungsmarke from russia

    These are just 2 examples, I think the other 2 must be somewhere in the sticky too so I suggest to have a look there.

    Regards, Rik

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    I can't tell you about the originality, but what I can tell you is that these waffen ss EKMs in Russia. If you buy them there are also very expensive. Almost the same price as in Western Europe/Usa. If they are original of course.

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    Waffen ss ekms I'm always a bit scared of it I think it's really a minefield.

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    Well, I was writing my post too quick.

    Basically Dschop is right.

    The atypical style of this tags made a bad impression on me.
    2 tags with "I"-made runes and 2 of the 3rd SS division with an other blanc type.

    So maybe I'm wrong, but I stand by my first statement.

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    The dog tags come from a ukrainian guy, he brought these from russia. The runes are screwdriver runes, which is not a sign of a copy.

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    I think that they are all OK, but in future to conduct a decent examination I would suggest posting them individually in separate threads and show good pictures of both sides.

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    I will do it. Thanks for the feedback friends.

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    Why are these only excavations?

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