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SS-ST. O.V. Oranienburg

Article about: I would like opinions on this disk. Stamped: SS-ST. O.V. Oranienburg Roll number 8 This is the unit as I understand it: (courtesy of the German Federal archives and Google) In order to carry

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    Default SS-ST. O.V. Oranienburg

    I would like opinions on this disk.
    Stamped: SS-ST. O.V. Oranienburg

    Roll number 8

    This is the unit as I understand it: (courtesy of the German Federal archives and Google)

    In order to carry out the various administrative tasks in the respective SS locations, various local site administrations (SS-St.OV) were set up by the administrative office of the SS of the SS Headquarters. Thus, with effect from 1 April 1941, for example, the SS site administrations Vienna, Munich, Buchenwald and Oranienburg were established, followed by the middle of the month in Warsaw, Nuremberg, Hamburg, Brno, Szczecin and Glau. The SS-St.OV were subject to the site senior disciplinary. This was, provided that there was a Kommandantur at the location, the location commander, otherwise the senior SS leader in the troop service. The location management was not subordinated to the troops stationed at the respective locations. Your task, in addition to the general briefing of the site elder on administrative issues, was the maintenance and management of the properties, their equipment (including clothing) and the provision of commodities and the handling of all housing matters and property tax issues. Also, all related to changes in assets and financial needs, such as buying and selling, leases, auctions, etc. were. Case of the SS-St.OV To regulate the financial affairs, there was also a separate location cash register in the location management, which was run separately to the other cash registers and paying agents of the offices located at the site. Likewise, an own location pay station carried out the care of the employed employees and workers. Furthermore, the site management was for maintenance, Storage and maintenance of various clothing items responsible, also received the site management own driving readiness. In addition, the site physician was also part of the site-specific (administrative) structure. By order of the Reich Medical Officer of the SS and the police, in August / September 1941, in all the places of the empire and the occupied territories in which there was a facility, a medical service or unit of the SS and the police, a "SS and Police Sick Doctor" He was responsible for the fact that the members of the SS and the police who were permanently or temporarily present in the area of ​​the site were responsible for the existing medical, dental, hygienic and chemical-pharmaceutical examination, treatment, supply, and equipment options. He also supervised the health conditions in the site area, proposed measures and exercised the powers as a medical officer in his area of ​​responsibility. In case of disasters, he summoned, if necessary, the entire medical service of the SS and the police in the area.
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    My concern is in the font that has been used to make it. I haven't seen another example of this administrative ekm from Oranienburg.

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    I like the disk but the serif S is not my favorite thing to see.

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