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Tag from Russia

Article about: Another tag on a POW type tag. Do you think this is real?.....thanks paul.

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    Default Tag from Russia

    Another tag on a POW type tag. Do you think this is real?.....thanks paul.Tag from RussiaTag from Russia

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    It is hard to give an opinion on this one. I can't enlarge the photos so I can not see the stamping clear enough.

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    Not a good enough photo

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    Not clear pictures but as it appears to have a blood group marking I don't think this is a PW tag.

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    I cant get the pic any clearer but this is the inscription 1.Stammkp. IGJEBt 1.137. 15041. The guy who has the tag is in Russia, but there is a note on his page that it came from Austria he thinks.... paul.

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    Well, that inscription makes it clear it is not a pow emarke. Do you have a link to that website so I can have a look there?

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    So, other tags from that unit are all oval. I have several, it may be a good tag but it would have been made in the field. I myself would not buy it without significant provenance.

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    The Stamm Kompanie is the cadre around which units are formed. So I'm at a loss to see why it would be marked as 1 Stamm? I would personally pass on it.

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