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unreaserched id tags

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    Default unreaserched id tags

    unreaserched id tagsunreaserched id tagsunreaserched id tags

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    Circuit advertisement unreaserched id tags
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    Default Re: unreaserched id tags

    These are a few of a large group I've never researched. About the mid 90's I stopped collecting and sold about half of my collection and hadn't thought much about the rest until finding this sight. I understand I maybe sitting on some duds. So feel free to express your opinions.

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    Default Re: unreaserched id tags

    The first one is Flugplatz Kommando 30/IV Reichenberg - Airport HQ Reichwenberg. Reichenberg (now Liberec) is a town in Czech Republic, my country ;-)


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    Default Re: unreaserched id tags

    The other two are really tough- I haven't been able to 'translate' the first or find anything about the second. I don't see anything obviously dodgy about them though.

    The right one is obviouly hand-made, but the middle one looks like a regular disc that's been oddly altered- any idea why it's like that?
    Ohhhhh- pillage then burn...

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    Default Re: unreaserched id tags

    all these tags came as a group purchase from a gentleman that searched fleamarkets in Eastern Europe doing his business trips. Knowing I was interested in ID Tags he would buy up any he thougt I would be interested in. These two you are speaking of have always been an enigma. The L.D. tag appears field made. The SS is thin also possibly field made. Many of these a said to have been found on the konigsberg battlefield.

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    Default Re: unreaserched id tags

    Quote by Matt L View Post
    The other two are really tough- I haven't been able to 'translate' the first or find anything about the second.
    The first one comes from:
    L.D. TeilKdo I/6 = Luftdienst-Teilkommando I/6
    Luftdienst-Kommando 6

    Second one:
    STB. HÖH. SS U. POL. FÜHR. FRANKREICH. = Stab Höherer SS- und Polizeiführer in Frankreich
    Short info:
    Zur Geschichte der Ordnungspolizei - Lexikon der Wehrmacht

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    Default Re: unreaserched id tags

    Wonderful Stacez- I've never even heard of the Luftdienst, and even now knowing what the unit is, I find my major reference has virtually nothing on it.
    Ohhhhh- pillage then burn...

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