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SS only - new section.

Article about: Dear Friend! 11 February, The SS Special Update! The new subcategory SS Items was created in German Militaria section! Forty eight (48 pcs.) original SS items were added today. Most of them

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    Default SS only - new section.

    Dear Friend!

    11 February, The SS Special Update! The new subcategory "SS Items" was created in "German Militaria" section! Forty eight (48 pcs.) original SS items were added today. Most of them are rare and unique! We guarantee originality of all items (read our Terms & Conditions). You are welcome to discuss any item on any militaria forums like WRF, WAF and etc. Good hunting!!!

    Original WW2 German militaria - SS items
    <=== NEW ITEMS ===>


    - Allgemeine SS Brocade Belt & Buckle

    - SS-VT EM belt, belt and buckle SS marked!!

    - Unissued early nickel-silver SS Buckle, marked O&C gesh. Gesch.

    - Aluminum SS buckle marked rzm 822/38 SS

    - SS VT Feldgrau EM NCO'S M34 overseas cap

    - SS VT Feldgrau EM NCO'S M34 overseas cap

    - SS M 40 Panzer side cap, the fashioned example

    - M 40 SS side hat

    - SS VT Scull button cockade vor M 34 or an early M 40 side caps

    - SS black piped shoulder straps for SS Pioniereinheiten (engineers) troops

    - SS blue piped shoulder straps for SS Sanitaetdienste (medical)troops

    - SS red piped shoulder straps for SS Artillerie (artillery) troops

    - Waffen SS Gebirgsjager shoulderstraps

    - Waffen SS slip on Infantry officers shoulder boards in rank of Untersturmfuehrer

    - M 41 tunic for 7 SS-Freiwilligen Gebirgs Division Prinz Eugen.

    - SS M43 trousers Betr Ra (Betrieb Ravensbrueck) Italian gabardine cloth made Kielhose.

    - SS Totenkopf collar tabs set, hand embroidery

    - SS VT, Pre RZM type, brass thread high quality SS officers single tab


    - Waffen SS Dachau concentration camp made for 30 Waffen Grenadier Division

    - Waffen SS. 22.SS-Freiwilligen-Kavallerie-Division "Maria Theresia"

    - Waffen SS BeVo type, mint condition SS EM tab

    - 33. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS Charlemagne collar tab

    - Waffen-SS Sunwheel collartab of the 11th SS Volunteer Panzergrenadier Division Nordland

    - Temporary concentration camp guard collar tab

    - Volga Tatar Idel Ural Tatarian Legionen collar tab

    - 18th SS Volunteer Panzer Grenadier Division Horst Wessel collar tab

    - Waffen SS aluminum hand embroidered set of the collar tabs for SS Untersturmfuehrer

    - SS wool rank tab, early!

    - Extremely rare second type big T, SS-Schuele Toelz collar tab

    - SS officer's collartab

    - SS Division Nederland Wolfsangel collar tab

    - Unissued SS NCO left side rank tab

    - Tunic removed SS NCO rank tab

    - SS -TV SS Totenkopfverbaende officers cuff title for 3 Sturmbann Thueringen

    - Waffen SS 8th SS-Kavallerie-Division Florian Geyer cufftitle

    - Uniform removed Waffen SS tropical eagle.

    - Unissued mint Waffen SS officers Belgian made hat eagle

    - Mint Waffen SS EM sleeve eagle

    - Unissued tropical SS eagle.

    - Un-issued Dachau made sleeve shield for Albanian SS volunteers

    - Un-issued Dachau made sleeve shield for Italian SS volunteers.

    - SS VT or SS TV, Aelter kaempfer winkel

    - SS M 43 Einheitsfeldmuetze BeVo unissued cap trapezoid

    - SS M 43 Panzer Einheitsfeldmuetze cap trapezoid with eagle and scull

    - SS M 43 Panzer BeVo Einheitsfeldmuetze cap black trapezoid

    - SS RZM marked waffen SS canteen's cup


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