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Estonian ss badge

Article about: This have been posted on WAF as well. Can anyone please help to identify this badge. I was found together with other things ( all pre-war or war dated items) that had belonged to an ( pre-wa

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    Very interesting information Dimas, I did not know that. Here in Norway the the veterans of WSS never forgave the finns for turning their guns and shooting at them in 1944. Imagine that you have risked your life and seen your comrades die for the cause of a free Finland and then suddenly they turn their guns at you...Kameradenschaft?
    Didn't the Italians also do the exact same thing,though?

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    I'am not sure, Estonians are awarded with BKA, and surely not with Ehrenkreuz 1914-1918

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    Dimas, as far as I know some Estonians were awarded anti partisan badge but only a few. But You are right about the other award - it has to be KvK m Schwerten according to the ribbon. But as he is wearing the wrong award there is a question has he really served in German army at all? Or just one of these clowns who like to wear the awards they never earned...

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    Bit of a walt I would suggest

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