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MK 1 English, Estonian re issued steel helmet

Article about: Unfortunantely not in good condition, but it's only one seen in original Estonian configuration. Has Estonian type liner ring, and looks like the helmet has hand made leather liner ( seen ot

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    How common was the British helmet?
    Most of the British Helmets in the east probably came from Poland or other country that had army in west in ww1.

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    hello, yes this is a british brodie steel helmet. MY question is : Why did Estonia decide to use British BRODIE helmets in their fight against the Soviet Union? I do know that ESTONIA asked Prince Edward, Queen Elizabeth of BRITAINS son, to be Estonia's KING a few years ago. Nothing came of it. Also I have seen Brodies on American actors; wearing them with liner rivets and band exactly like yours. I KNEW WORLD WAR 1 GERMAN STEEL HELMETS were used by anti-Soviet nations. Thanks for posting the photos of Estonian troops with WW1 German 1916 steel helmets.thanks.

    Best regards, GREG

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    Estonians wore German and British helmets during the Independence War (which started right after WWI), also uniforms, weapons and different field gear of Imperial Russia, Germany, Britain and US. As for Britain and US, it was just their support to young Estonian Republic, very natural thing. And paradoxally in next WW the same countries supported the enemy of Estonia, the Soviet Union.

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