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F-S Knife fake or not

Article about: been told that the logo is two high >???

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    Default F-S Knife fake or not

    F-S Knife  fake or notF-S Knife  fake or notF-S Knife  fake or not

    been told that the logo is two high >???

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    I agree, I also don't like the font used.
    You can compare the letters to mine.
    Look closely at the F and the S.

    F-S Knife  fake or not
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    Definitely a fake. The very thin F and S is a dead give-away.
    Same with the font of the "I" stamped into the crossguard - not a font that
    I would expect. Also----I'm not sure that have ever seen a India stamped
    crossguard in conjunction with Wilkinson etched blade.
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    Good point Greg. The Indian contract knives were 3rd Pattern from October 1943. The mark itself is incorrect as well.

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    thanks guys , real hard to get good info , big thanks to all .

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