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Cursed Fallschirmjaeger Helmet?

Article about: by Isle of Wighter Well.. about 2 months after I bought my first helmet I was in a near miss with a white Ford transit van which resulted in a smashed driver side window for me, then I bough

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    I think we need a spam report button.

    Anyone else received a PM from zok?

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    Circuit advertisement Cursed Fallschirmjaeger Helmet?
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    if you've had a problem with a dodgy PM there should be an icon you can click on to report it ?

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    Why would a bolt action rifle have to be "deactivated" ? It's a shame to neuter a rifle, even one that is a "conscientious objector", lol!
    Last edited by american1975; 06-08-2011 at 12:55 PM.

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    It got so bad in Normandy they started putting infantry, used as "field trained" tankers, back into patched up tanks they sent back out to battle. That must have given them a strange feeling too, lol.

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    You should be safe with German relics, have to rely on your Grandfather with Allied relics to protect you from the great beyond...

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    wish i had seen the fj lid for sale i would have bought it, i have a few spooky bits so another wouldnt make any difference ;-) rgds Dave

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    Quote by swiss76 View Post
    I have to wave the BS flag.

    a.) Tanks have rubber cushion on their tracks, so works as Faraday cage.

    b.) what kind of high voltage phone line should that be? Plus, antennas also are isolated too (usually GRP stuff).

    Nice story 'tho.
    That is a good point! Never thought of that. Thats just what he told me though.

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    To bad no one took photos of these items, I have several battle damaged items in my collection some relics other in good souvenier state, all german WWi and WWII. Slept in my room with all my items for a very long long time until I got married. Nothing ever happened, except one time when I could ahve sworn I saw a gohost half a torso and head that moved along my room untill it vanaished into a corridor that moves to the door.

    Myabe I was just to asleep yet, I remeber the lights were out and I could see it clearly. Maybe a dreem.

    My wife feels that that my collection and specially relics have bad vives.....

    I really dont belive that...................

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    Exclamation A true story involviong a WWII relic

    25 years ago I became friends with a retired USAF Col. who had been in the 8th AF 466th Heavy Bomb group as head of base intelligence at Attelbridge fro 1943 till the end of the war in Europe. They flew B-24s... mostly over Germany. Over the years the Col. had told me many stories of what he had seen and done during those years. Interesting and exciting stuff.

    Ten or so years later I was reading the 8th AF's web site looking at book reviews for something good to read and found a book entitled "The Wings Of Morning" by Tom Childers very highly reccomended true account of the last Heavy Bomber shot down over Europe during WWII.... so I bought it and read it.

    The more I read the more the more I felt I had somehow heard much of this before... almost like DejaVu... So I called my old friend the Col and read him some names from the book. Lo and behold he said "Hell yes... I knew evey one of the people. That was the 466th at Attelbridge... my old base. And the plane and crew they were talking about.... I knew them... in fact one of the crew members was from my home town in Kentucky" I was stunned. and I felt a close connection to the book ( a really superb book by the way...) and the the sujects of the story The Fairrington Crew.

    5 Years later the Col asked for my help in moving he and his wife from the home in which they had lived for the past 50 years and into an assisted living facility. During the process I was cleaning out a closet that the Col had not been in for many years,

    There on the top shelf of the closet, covered in years worth of AZ dust sat a large thick scrapbook. I asked the Col what it was... and he said that it was a bgook of photographes and documents he had collected from the 466th's time at Attrlbridge with pictures from missions, bomb damage assements, mission lists... you name it. All one of a kind. Si I am on tnis ladder and having scrapped the dust from this heavy book I remove it from the shelf. As I t6urn it vertically to carry it down the ladder ONE PIECE OF PAPER slips out of the book and lands at my feet face up.

    I put the book down and looked at the document... and nearly fell over. I read :THIS LEAD MISSION CERTIFICATE HAS BEEN PRESENTED TO THE MEMBERS OF THE FAIRINGTON CREW" I couldn't believe it. Of all of the 100s of documents in the book this one document awarded to the members of the "Wings of Morning " crew and fallen at my feet.

    I got in touch with the author... and he said that there must have been a mistake as he had researched the book for 9 years and had never heard of the honor being awarded to the Fairington crew just 3 days before they had been shot down... I sent him a sacn of the doument and he agreed it was authentic... was more astonished than I was and asked for copies to be given to all surviving family members. The document that fell at my feet is the only surviving example in the world. Here it isCursed Fallschirmjaeger Helmet?

    I can not fathom that it was mere coincidence that that document just fell at my feet. I feel It was pushed there by something or someone.

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