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Cursed Fallschirmjaeger Helmet?

Article about: by Isle of Wighter Well.. about 2 months after I bought my first helmet I was in a near miss with a white Ford transit van which resulted in a smashed driver side window for me, then I bough

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    One of my best friends was a Militaria Dealer and had been collecting all his life. Some years ago an old US Army veteran came in with some stuff that he wanted to get rid of. He had been in a recon unit and had been at Dachau during its liberation or shortly after and had picked up some souvenirs to bring home. among the stuff were these 3 square blocks that looked like soap bars with numbers embossed in them and a whole through the top that seemed to be for putting a rope or cord through. The Veteran said that they were compacted remains from the Crematorium there and that it was one of the ways that was experimented with to dispose of the ashes. Well my friend took that story with a grain of salt but from the time he took possession of the items all types of strange things began to happen at his home. From weird voices and sounds to shadows of figures (he was of German decent and spoke fluent German and said they voices were talking in German). He eventually had sent one of them to a law enforcement agency to be tested and they came back as saying they were 85% certain that they were made up of human remains. From that point he contacted the Holocaust museum and turned them over to them after which things calmed down some what.....

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    Holy crap! That is a very creepy story! Damn.............glad your friend did the right thing and turned over those items to the museum.

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    I have studied the Holocaust in detail and other than a little known death camp in Yugoslavia (probably the most brutal death camp there was) there was never any evidence that soap was made from human remains. Dachau was not an extermination camp and the terrible conditions there at wars end were from lack of food, unsanitary conditions and serious overcrowding causing terrible disease like dysentery when the camp became severely overcrowded with inmates moved from eastern camps that were overrun by the advancing Red Army. The soap was probably derived in part from animals, as has been shown in other circumstances but not from human remains.

    It is still a chilling story to be sure, nothing good came out of Dachau.


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    Good story, my friend purchased a M35 helmet with a dried blood liner and a dent just above the decal. When he took it home the dent fit his M1 butt stock perfectly. His daughter wont go around the helmet. Its a trus story Ive seen the helmet mysef.

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    Thousands of innocent people were guillotined at Dachau including captured American POWs. They died of starvation, torture, typhus... you name it. No better than Sobibor or any of the others.

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    Good facts and stories here. Too bad I have no stories to tell. The scaries thing I've seen is at a gun show in Pennsylvania. The guy had 10 camo helmets. Most were heers and 3 POLITICAL ARMBANDS!!! The horror of me seeing them stranded in a glass case lol

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    We should make a scary ww2 part of the fourm. I would check that everyday!

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    the price of those para helmets is a curse. but good story. if you get a item and you where told it was cursed you would start to think that every thing that happens is that items fault. but lots of these helmets would have a sad or bad story. there only steel. would be great to find out where this helmet is now or where it turns up next.

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    Any body heard about "Hermann the German"? i visited the Bovington tank museum when i was about 12 (1972-ish), i was talking to a member of staff and he was telling me people working late at the museum quite often saw a panzer crewman wandering around, when the staff went to challenge the crewman he'd just vanish.
    I just thought the guy at the museum was trying to freak me out, but since then i've heard a few stories about it and read a couple of articles on websites.

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    Creeeeepyyyy tanker. Watch it just be a projector lol

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