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Cursed Fallschirmjaeger Helmet?

Article about: by Isle of Wighter Well.. about 2 months after I bought my first helmet I was in a near miss with a white Ford transit van which resulted in a smashed driver side window for me, then I bough

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    Default Re: Cursed Fallschirmjaeger Helmet?

    So you mannaged to find some one sending you the helmet before the paypal payement was send!
    That I call "weird"!
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!


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    Circuit advertisement Cursed Fallschirmjaeger Helmet?
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    Default Re: Cursed Fallschirmjaeger Helmet?

    I dont remember saying that :-) (but feel free to invent things - that is after all, what I did).
    I dont check my PP account on a daily basis - Im not that anal.
    WHEN I quite by chance checked it several days after receiving said lid, there was an amount missing! ;-)
    To this day,I have no explanation let alone a plausible story to offer my GF for the happenings!
    Thats my story and Im sticking to it!

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    Default Re: Cursed Fallschirmjaeger Helmet?

    Quote by Scout View Post
    I dont remember saying that :-) (but feel free to invent things - that is after all, what I did).
    I dont check my PP account on a daily basis - Im not that anal.
    WHEN I quite by chance checked it several days after receiving said lid, there was an amount missing! ;-)
    To this day,I have no explanation let alone a plausible story to offer my GF for the happenings!
    Thats my story and Im sticking to it!
    I too believe that anything is possible and that there is more to every story than what the eye can see..
    [COLOR="#EE82EE"]I'm selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I'm out of control, and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.
    Marilyn Monroe[/COLOR]

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    Default Re: Cursed Fallschirmjaeger Helmet?

    I know what you ment, just couldn't help refeering to a (real!!) story I was involved in regarding a helmet being send (or not!) before paypal payement!
    Totaly of topic!! Never mind!!
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!


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    Many years ago I purchased a stack of WW2 Brit MkII helmets (back when they were 10 bucks each). Most were bog standard, totally boring and unremarkable. One, however, stood out. Overpainted sand color, badly worn and with many dings and dents, with significant black staining of one side of the chinstrap and corrosion of that side of the inner helmet. I pulled it out and added it to my collection room.
    From then on, any quiet time in the collection room would make me feel uncomfortable, as though someone was watching. It was odd, and although I tried to ignore it, I just could not. Then my lamp in the room began acting up. I would turn it on, leave the room for something and come back to...darkness. Lamp is off! this went on for about a year.
    Finally while re-organizing things one day I picked up the helmet and it felt as though an electric shock went up my arm! That was enough for me; the helmet was placed into a box and moved to an outbuilding, and sold at the next gunshow for next to nothing.
    Once moved out of the room, the feeling of someone looking over my shoulder vanished, and I never had another problem with the lamp in that room.
    Take from this what you want; I know what I felt and experienced. I think sometimes objects can be charged with a negativity and carry it like a battery, and I'm pretty certain that old Tommy helmet carried something bad with it. I did tell the new owner what I thought, but he clearly thought me to be imagining it.

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    I have "stories" relating to two items I've owned, nothing very definite but here they are in case anyone's interested.

    1. A very ordinary M1915 grey metal pickelhaube. I left this in our bedroom before going away for a day or two. On my return Mrs. W told me she was sure she'd heard the faint sound of a brass band playing during the night. It was a tune she'd heard before and which we established was "Alte Kameraden". It never happened again. I have the same helmet three feet away as I write.

    2. A near-complete uniform to a WW1 British artilleryman who survived the war. With it were some letters to him from his brother who'd been killed. I laid all the kit out on the bed and started reading the letters. As I did so I had a very strong sense of someone standing nearby and regarding me with outraged indignation. I don't know what anyone else would have done but I said aloud that I apologised for the intrusion, that I meant no disrespect and that I would look after all these things and make sure no harm came to them. I didn't get that feeling again but I was uncomfortable with this group and a friend now has it. I presume he's read the letters but he's never said anything about it.

    I've had many other things through my hands that should have been "haunted", but these were the only two that had any effect whatever.

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    I have quite a lot of grave found helmets and stuff, however no bad vibes or anything (at least for now lol).

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    Thanks for resurrecting Leon. Interesting reads.... Don't believe in ghost myself.

    But safe to say a lot of us own items from arguably the darkest time in human history.

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    Default Wandering spirits

    Haunted stories and the military. Back in 2007 I ran the Army Corrosion Control program as a contractor. We had a contract extension to include the US Army National Guard and would visit the various sites on Oahu as a mobile team that performed corrosion damage repair and rust inhibitor treatments to all the tactical equipment the Army, Army Reserve and the Army National Guard was issued via US Army TACOM (Tank and Automotive Command).

    One site in particular became quite interesting but did have a morbid connection. It was an old wooden warehouse, totally empty. I was advised by the Motor CWO (Chief Warrant Officer) that if we heard strange noises coming from the building not to enter it as the building was used as a morgue in WWII by the USMC and again for the Korean conflict and then again for those who perished in Viet Nam. This warehouse could of been a 2 story facility and as it was explained to me by the Motor CWO, the interior was racked out and held well over a thousand corpses.

    The first day at the site & as the team was getting set up to do our work, I went to the building and entered it. I spoke in my best command voice facing the interior of the building and stated "Gentlemen, I am here with our CPAC team to do rust repair and spray with rust inhibitors to the tactical equipment" "We are here to perform this work and will not try to harm anyone or do anything that interferes with your well being". "Please allow my team to accomplish this goal. Thank you for giving your all" I then saluted towards the interior of the building then did an about face and left the building to start working on their gear.

    That day we were visited by the Motor CWO and a couple people from the team knew about what was going on. They thought I was kidding about what I told them. The Motor CWO advised them after being asked "Usually it is late afternoon, towards dusk, the noise of marching, commands being given and various other vocal racket can be heard from the building & if people get to close to the building. I have heard this myself so take it into consideration" The 2 people advised the Motor CWO about what I did and he told them " that is the best action to take, recognize the lost souls for what they gave and advise them why your here.

    We were not bothered by any of those who gave their all in conflict.

    USMC Kaneohe, their all ranks golf course club house is built where the old NCO club was located. The club during WWII was a morgue as well and I had heard stories from the WWII vets who worked on post back in the 80's about how paranormal activity was reported several times to MP's as well as base command.

    If and when you ever visit a military post and get that cold shiver and goose bumps and don't understand why, it is a high probability that the location is alive with spirits of those who passed away.

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    I have one Bulgarian M36C with very small size.
    Nothing extraordinary - normal helmet with normal behavior.
    There is a name written with ink inside.
    The owner was killed in Yugoslavia according the archives and the helmet has arrived in my hands many years later.
    I have the the documents on the guy's fate found over the internet printed out and they are inside the helmet liner.
    Will post it tomorrow on World steal helmets section.
    Still - I have so many helmets and they behave very calm.

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