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Cursed Fallschirmjaeger Helmet?

Article about: by Isle of Wighter Well.. about 2 months after I bought my first helmet I was in a near miss with a white Ford transit van which resulted in a smashed driver side window for me, then I bough

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    When I was in college I found a relatively germane, but complete, M42 ND. No blood, no staining, no damage. Nothing out of the ordinary. I was quite proud to find it, but soon after I noticed that there were always all these girls around. I couldn't figure it out. When friends borrowed the helmet for a party; there were no girls. Then when it came back, they came back. It was so weird. Then there was this redhead named Julie who one time was sitting Indian style on the futon. There was a loud bang as all her books hit the floor and she manically jumped up planting with both feet on the ground in front of me before leaping in the air again again and seemingly levitating through the air until her legs wrapped around my waist and our lips met. Pure sorcery! Another time this girl Sara showed up. Everything seemed normal, but then I turned my back for one second. Just one second. And in that second my eye caught that helmet. As our worlds collided in that instant I felt a sudden chill in the air! And when I turned around all of Sara's clothes had magically disappeared!

    Now I know that most people don't believe in ghost stories or hauntings, but I can tell everyone for a fact that these were true events! And, unfortunately, while I may no longer have the helmet, I did, a short time later, find Sara's underwear which still exist as proof of these paranormal activities!

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