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Wachgesellschaft. Night Watchman Official

Article about: I have never seen a round version of the night watchman buckle.

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    Default Wachgesellschaft. Night Watchman Official

    I have never seen a round version of the night watchman buckle.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Wachgesellschaft.   Night Watchman Official   Wachgesellschaft.   Night Watchman Official  

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    Hello Kirby,
    looks like someone just put a Wachschutz uniform button on that buckle.
    Best regards, Thomas

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    Not what I collect but I don’t think he paid a lot for it. Someone would have needed to add the prongs to a button. If it is real it is rare.

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    Well, the dealer at the SOS was asking 1k for it. Definately too much for a highly questionable buckle... Don't think it is a big task to put prongs on a button. Maybe it even was already made in the 1920ies or 1930ies, but I think it was private made.
    Best, Thomas

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    Very unusual Kirby and a first for me, will have a good look later, interesting buckle. they must have had them surely? Potentially a very rare and interesting piece

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    As far as I know and have researched the symbol upon the buckle is the version as used after the war.
    The symbol is NOT from the 1920's or 1930's.
    The TR- and Weimar version had the lettering "Reichseinheitsverband des Deutschen Bewachungsgewerbes e.V"
    included. This guarding-version was a part from Fachgruppe Bewachtungsgewerbe from Berlin. This
    shown symbol has not the lettering!

    The value in this condition is worth no more then $ 100,-
    I would not pay more then fifty!

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    Many thanks for the input Wim and interesting to know, so we are saying these are original buckles used post war?

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    This is what was said to me during visits at the Overhoff concern
    in the 1970's. So, I just repeat what was told too me. Can't ask
    nobody anymore as most I talked with, do not live anymore!

    There often are discussions about this buckle including or without
    the lettering. Old catalogues mostly show the symbol including the
    lettering, when the symbol has a "double" edge. The buckle from
    post 1 shows the double edge without lettering.

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    When I saw the buckle it had a $500 asking price not $1000 and that was Thursday AM. I just posted it as a oddity. My friend like this stuff but I never cared much for these type of buckles, I sold the ones in my collection.

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    Many thanks Wim as usual, great and informative info

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