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Genuine late war Y-straps?

Article about: Hello, I have been searching for a nice pair of Y-straps lately and found one for sale. I am however quite scared since Y-straps can easily be post-war or repro. I found a "Heavy"

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    Hi guys,

    So I received the package today with the Y-straps and some other stuff and the first thing I did was checking the other stuff that was not visible on the pic.
    Unfortunately my heart broke. I checked the main upper D rings and saw their stitching. I knew this kinda stitching was suspicious and found that these should actually be czech leather Y-straps.
    My guess is that the seller,, has put a genuine late war back strap (it is stamped with RB.NR.......) on a czech leather Y-strap and thus sold it as a late war german ww2 y-strap. I feel betrayed and disgusted by this. The seller should have known this was a czech Y-strap and not a german one.
    Am I right about the Y-strap being mainly czech?
    Genuine late war Y-straps?Genuine late war Y-straps?

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    Unfortunately what I can see now with detailed and not blurry pictures looks a lot like this :

    Genuine late war Y-straps?


    Late war german Y straps with D rings attachments like this have existed, but the stitching is different if I remember correctly, like a pitchfork.
    Does the leather on your Y straps show the fish scales finish that is typical of czech made gear ?

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    Hi Edward,
    The leather on the whole y-strap is just plain leather and has no fish scales. (checked everything)
    So is that a good thing to have? The Y-strap has the same leather pattern like the pic you send, not the pictures in the link (which has fish scales).
    Maybe I overreacted a bit too soon, but I have never seen these kind of arrow stitching and thought I may have been bamboozled.
    The D-rings are quite big however. Almost as wide as the Y-strap.
    Another thing I noticed, and don't know what is called, is the small piece of leather attached to the hooks. I have seen german and czech Y-straps with those, but can't decide which is which.
    Again, thx for the help!
    Genuine late war Y-straps?

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    So far all I have seen on late war Y-straps is this kind of pitchfork stitching :

    Genuine late war Y-straps?

    Unissued German late war leather combat Y-straps, << RBNr >>

    It doesn't prove anything in itself so I guess we'll need to see more pictures of the straps, including all the metal bits.
    You'll also notice that the D-rings are quite large too, which is normal as they must retain the A-frame / Tornister hooks.
    The hook with light grey paint on your straps seems fine, is there any maker's mark on it ?

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    As requested some better pictures.
    First set are the hooks and D-rings, front and back.
    Second set are the rivets and their backside.
    Third set is the Upper D-rings and their stitching, front and back.
    Fourth set is the main section and its backside.
    And finally the backstrap, front and back ( is already shown in above reply).
    And I Added a side pictures from all the straps for a better side view.

    Edit: It seems the pictures sets have been shuffled, my apologies.

    Genuine late war Y-straps?Genuine late war Y-straps?Genuine late war Y-straps?Genuine late war Y-straps?Genuine late war Y-straps?Genuine late war Y-straps?Genuine late war Y-straps?Genuine late war Y-straps?Genuine late war Y-straps?Genuine late war Y-straps?Genuine late war Y-straps?

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    Most of what I see is consistent with other examples of late war Y-straps.
    I suppose that mismatching painted steel parts is possible in the late war context.
    I am still looking for rivets of the same type used here to maintain the auxiliary straps.

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    Hopefully this will be my final comment in this thread but here we go.
    After searching for hours I found a Y-strap that is almost 100% identical, but with different hooks .
    EA-Militaria | Mint Wehrmacht Y-Riemen (RBNr marked)
    Like everything is almost identical, also marked with RBNr 0/0390/0204 on the backstrap. The back strap is a late war with a wire hook which is the same as my one! Even the rivets are the same. (Stitching is however dark on backstrap and hooks are different).
    I am convinced this is an actual late war german Y-Strap and this might perhaps be a kind of rare very late war piece?

    Reactions are always appreciated!
    Spanish Soldier

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    Nice find indeed.
    With late war gear findind an exact match is probably harder than with earlier equipment. Those Y-straps are still very close to yours, and the hooks really stick to the ersatz definition.

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