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German M-38 Gas Mask Value

Article about: Hi, new to this forum, just wanted to ask a few questions. Went to a local dealer (trusted around here --- Naples FL) and found a mint condition m-38 German gas mask. (Has the marking 2 on t

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    Default German M-38 Gas Mask Value

    Hi, new to this forum, just wanted to ask a few questions.

    Went to a local dealer (trusted around here --- Naples FL) and found a mint condition m-38 German gas mask.

    (Has the marking 2 on the forehead, dated FE? 41 if i recall correctly)

    Now, he's asking $200 for it. Which seems very steep compared to prices i looked at online, but he says the true value of it lies in this metallic clip that holds the mask in perfect shape, and has two rings to it where they can hang in a barracks for the soldier to clip off when needed, this is what has kept it in such mint condition as it hasn't folded or anything.

    Anyone know anything about this metallic clip? I could get pictures if theyd be helpful...

    Just found out on a different forum that its called a "stretcher" --- Is the gas mask and the stretcher in mint condition worth $200?
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    Default Re: German M-38 Gas Mask Value

    Hi and welcome to the forum!

    I think $200 sounds too much. I am not sure how much to value it at having said that, but I would not pay $200.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: German M-38 Gas Mask Value

    welcome to the forum...
    If i have understood well your story...there's only the M38 gasmask itself, the FE41 filter and a Maskenspanner (stretcher) for $200...?!
    It is true to say that the Maskenspanner is indeed rare, but $200 with a standard gasmask, that's too expensive.
    If there was a nice canister + original straps included in the deal, i would say that it does not sound like a bad one...but without the canister it's definitly too high...
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    Default Re: German M-38 Gas Mask Value

    Hi, thanks for the quick answers.

    If you were to put a price tag on a mint condition "maskenspanner", the FE-41 Filter, and the M-38 mask, what would it be?

    (PS- talked to the guy again today, and he says he'll give me a money back guarantee both items are original and not reproductions.)

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    Default Re: German M-38 Gas Mask Value

    I don't think you need to worry about the items being repro, but whats already been said regarding the price is correct, as the moment what he's asking is a bit too high, personally I think it would be alright if it was a complete set (cannister, straps, etc etc) as JPhilip said. I'd be prepared to pay $120 USD tops, but thats me personal oppinion as I've seen quite a few Maskenspanner's for sale in the past, all selling for a wide range of prices.



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    Default Re: German M-38 Gas Mask Value

    Thank you very much for your responses. I will take your advice to heart and not take him up on the offer.

    Though, im just aching to have this German gas mask and the maskespanner. Ive looked all over the internet and couldnt find anyone selling any original maskespanners. But i did find an M-38 on ebay, going for $100 which includes shipping. Would this be worth my while? Or should i be wary to buy over ebay as it might not be an original...

    > Original German WW II M38 Gas Mask 1942 Incl.Filter < - eBay (item 160457308761 end time Aug-16-10 01:49:42 PDT)

    ^^^ Hope that helps.

    Thanks again!

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    Default Re: German M-38 Gas Mask Value

    If you are really wanting a Maskenspanner, maybe you could try asking the seller to come down on the price a little? The mask you've found on about looks like a really nice one, but again I think that the price is a little bit steep but if it will make you happy to buy it, by all means go for it



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